Featuring Moms| Laura Claire

'I was in my early teens when a group of girls from a neighbouring school started causing trouble at the school bus stop - trying to start fights with my friends and I. The rest of my friends decided it was time to move bus stops and avoid the commotion but at the time I … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Laura Claire

Blog Feature|Glamour With Christine

Hello my name is Christine and I was raised in a low-to-middle income family where my mother was the only income provider. My father stayed at home taking care of the household due to medical reasons. I have two other siblings, a brother and a sister, both of which were at least 12 years older than … Continue reading Blog Feature|Glamour With Christine

Blog Feature|Blushes and Butterflies

My name is Huda, a 29-year-old Lebanese American. I’ve been married to my husband, Mahmoud, for three years, and we have a beautiful one-and-a-half year old boy named Ameer and a bouncing baby girl on the way whom we’ve decided to name Sophia! Just this past December, I decided to launch my own website in … Continue reading Blog Feature|Blushes and Butterflies

Business Feature| IBrow Studio

Empowering women to feel more confident, to go after her goals, and life purpose is what I do and have done throughout my 20 year career in the beauty industry. Hi. My Name is Nicole Dionne. I am a Licensed Holistic Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, Eyebrow Designer, and Reiki Practitioner. My business is called The Ibrow … Continue reading Business Feature| IBrow Studio

What’s New| Bobbi Brown Brow Gel

Hey Beauties.... Rise and shine! Yes beauties its time to wake up to makeup because there's new makeup in. Bobbi Brown has put out some new must haves... 24 HOUR BROWS.. Oops we meant long lasting brow gel. Either way, whether it's 24 hour or long lasting we GOT to have it! Okay so let … Continue reading What’s New| Bobbi Brown Brow Gel

What’s New| Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette

Hello Beauties, Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Urban Decay has done it again with their Alice in Wonderland oops, we mean Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. Go ahead and adnit it all of us have wanted to be Alice in Wonderland atleast once right? Here's the synopsis of Alice in Wonderland for those … Continue reading What’s New| Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette