Book Review| Living With Dolls: A story of Love, Mental Illness and Freedom

We first featured Katherine Massey, known as the Honest Blogger on our website on December 3,2018.  Here's what we said about her at the time of her feature: Katherine Massey is also known as “The Honest Blogger”, with her no filter approach to life as she talks openly about her mission to end the stigma around mental … Continue reading Book Review| Living With Dolls: A story of Love, Mental Illness and Freedom


Today we wanted to share the latest book of author Nancy Mulligan. We featured Nancy's blog, My Everyday Challenge on our website on November 22,2018 and she is also one of our guest bloggers if you're looking for something amazing to read every Sunday. We not only wanted to share this amazing new book by … Continue reading New Book Release|REINVENT YOURSELF – ​NEW YEAR, NEW JOURNEY

Business Feature|Mommies Unplugged

Naa Harper is a Christian speaker, author, and writing coach. She is the author of three books: After, Living Your Dreams: A Woman’s Guide to Fulfilling Destiny and How to Self-Publish Your Book on A Shoestring Budget. Being a wife and mother are her first loves, but her other love is helping mothers discover, embrace … Continue reading Business Feature|Mommies Unplugged

Dear Younger Me by Tiffany Bearden

A Letter To My Younger Self Dear Darling Girl, Very early in life things were very difficult and I should not have had to deal with any of it.  These events led to a loss of innocence and being deprived of a normal life. There is so much I could say but the most important … Continue reading Dear Younger Me by Tiffany Bearden

Dear Younger Me by Casey

Dear younger Casey, The main thing you need to know is that hurt people, hurt people. I know this might not make a whole lot of sense to you yet, but it means when people bully you, its only because they’ve been bullied and that’s the only way they know how to deal with it. … Continue reading Dear Younger Me by Casey

Blog Feature| Entangled Words

Hi! I'm Zenobia, a 23-year-old blogger from Mumbai, India. I've always had a passion for blogging and started my very first trial book blog all the way back in 2012. I enjoy reviewing books and have met some amazing people through my blog. You can find a variety of posts on my blog, they range … Continue reading Blog Feature| Entangled Words

Wednesday’s Woman| Christine Sloan Stoddard

No one told me my body was an earthquake, my body a hurricane, tornado. That my body was and will always be the eye of the storm. They only told me that I was a woman, that I was to be placid as a lake-- yet how can I be human if I never thunder, … Continue reading Wednesday’s Woman| Christine Sloan Stoddard

Business Feature| Hackytips

I'm Sanjota Purohit, Native Indian currently staying in the United States. I wrote my novel “Sanjeevini” in Kannada language (One of the Indian Language) in 2018. It is a romantic love story where a Boy and Girl love deeply without seeing is each other, Sanjeevini is special to me because it is my own story! … Continue reading Business Feature| Hackytips

Announcement| Women Are Roses Ceremony

We are super excited about this year's, Women Are Roses Ceremony. Our Women Are Roses Ceremony is a gala to award ladies of all walks of life that have used 2018 to inspire others.  Women With Gifts has a goal of helping women in need and shining a spotlight on women who are doing amazing … Continue reading Announcement| Women Are Roses Ceremony

Book Review| Poetic Secrets

Book Review| Poetic Secrets by Harmeet Kaur Bharya Before we give you all a full review of Harmeet's Poetic Secrets, we wanted to share a bit of history about the author. Recently we featured the author on our website and here's some of the information we shared. Author's Bio  I was born and raised in … Continue reading Book Review| Poetic Secrets

{Video}| Live Interview w/ Author Holly Bird

On November 18,2018, we had the honor of featuring Holly Bird on our website and at that time, this is Holly described herself: My name is Holly Bird, and I started my blog to share the multi- generational life that we live. I bought a home with my daughter who has a 5 year old … Continue reading {Video}| Live Interview w/ Author Holly Bird

Blog Feature| GratiSoul

Hey people! I am Karishma Verma. I graduated in mid-2018, and I am an engineer by profession and an upbeat human, who likes to motivate and spread positive vibes around myself amongst my people! I am a Gratisoul and would love to proliferate these upbeat vibes to folks across every possible age bracket. So, let’s … Continue reading Blog Feature| GratiSoul