Inspiration| 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Commit Suicide

If you can be honest with yourself for a second, we as women want so many things so fast that we don't even realize what we jeopardize to get the things we want. We jeopardize having our inner peace. We jeopardize our having joy and we also compromise who we really are to please others. … Continue reading Inspiration| 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Commit Suicide

Announcements|We were Friday’s Favorites Feature

Yaaaahooo! We were not only featured as Friday's Favorites recently but we were featured by Holly Bird, the author of Shaken Dreams. Holly Bird started my blog to share the multi-generational life that we live. I bought a home with my daughter who has a 5-year-old Autistic son that I am the primary caregiver to, and we … Continue reading Announcements|We were Friday’s Favorites Feature

Business Feature| iXpr

I am Corina Stefan, I am copywriter and owner of iXpr -  content agency in Bucharest, Romania.  In time I had various jobs, either as a journalist, or even acquisition officer in the technical field. During my last job, the bureaucratic one, I realized that I want to do something more, something different, something for … Continue reading Business Feature| iXpr

Guest Blog|The Half-Way Mark Regarding Friendship

The Half-Way Mark What defines a genuine friendship? What must we do to find and keep dear friends that strengthen who we are and encourage us when needed? How do we find someone that you can share your feelings with? With all the demands in our lives with our jobs, our families, and other responsibilities, … Continue reading Guest Blog|The Half-Way Mark Regarding Friendship

Business Feature| Hags Ahoy

Hello, my name is Melissa Todd. I run a theatre company called Hags Ahoy (, which is currently touring a play my husband wrote and directed. I write a column for the local paper and am a contributing editor to the Blue Nib literary journal. I'm also writing a book with award wining poet Matt … Continue reading Business Feature| Hags Ahoy

Business Feature|MMM of Family Entertainment

Hello, my name is LaFrieda Smith and I am a mother of 3 teenagers,  41 years old,  who recently retired from retail after 25 years and I am from Lakeland, Florida. I am a blogger for my entertainment site called MMMoffamilyentertainment.  I write about music, movies, sports, inspirational stories and I also help business owners … Continue reading Business Feature|MMM of Family Entertainment

Business Feature|Sophie Tanner

Hello, my name is Sophie Tanner. I wrote my first novel, Reader, I Married Me, after going through a bad break up - being cheated on, lied to and rejected by the person I trusted the most. But, you know what, looking back I realize it was one of the best things that ever happened … Continue reading Business Feature|Sophie Tanner

Business Feature| Passive Income Queen

Lisa Johnson, well known for being the “Passive Income Queen”, is a Business Coach for ambitious entrepreneurs. She is a straight talker, an insightful thinker, and a passionate believer in working smarter not harder. Lisa’s strong, authentic and real business values has built her a hugely loyal and engaged audience and social media following. Her … Continue reading Business Feature| Passive Income Queen

Business Feature|Noor Hibbert

Noor’s journey to spiritual, professional and emotional gravity and balance was born out of a turbulent childhood that left her to pick up the pieces of her identity in a world where she wasn’t normal. Stuck between not being white enough for the kids at school, not traditionally Middle Eastern enough for her father; she slid … Continue reading Business Feature|Noor Hibbert

Business Feature|Zip Us In

Hello, my name is Kate Bell. I started my first business out of necessity rather than choice. I married my childhood sweetheart at only 21 and I gave birth to our beautiful daughter at only 22. With less than 1 year of marriage behind us, my husband left to be with a friend of mine, … Continue reading Business Feature|Zip Us In

Guest Post|Signs That You Need to Work on The Skill of Commitment  

Signs That You Need to Work on The Skill of Commitment   Having the commitment to work on a project through completion takes dedication and self-discipline. There are a few things that you need to make sure you have if you want to get through a long-term project. If you find yourself failing at achieving long-term goals, then you may lack … Continue reading Guest Post|Signs That You Need to Work on The Skill of Commitment  

Business Feature|Brit Voyage

Georgia Alzapiedi is an emerging blogger within the travel and lifestyle sector. She graduated with a BA Hons in English Literature from the University of Westminster in 2014, and qualified as a secondary school English teacher in 2015. Now, alongside teaching full time, she runs BritVoyage, a blog focusing on life in the UK, which … Continue reading Business Feature|Brit Voyage