Business Feature|Black Girlz Productions

Shaneisha Dodson is an award-winning playwright and the founder of Black Girlz Productions. Dodson was born in Arkansas and currently resides in Texas. She holds a B.A. in psychology from Grambling State University, M.A. in counseling from Dallas Baptist University, and an Ed. S in education from Walden University. Dodson has won several awards: 2018 … Continue reading Business Feature|Black Girlz Productions


Guest Post| The Unnecessary Needs of Your Life

The Unnecessary Needs of Your Life What we need in life are the basic things like food, shelter, and clothing and life become more beautiful when we have everything that we need. When we have everything that we need, are we really happy with that? In the pursuit of happiness, why we start expecting a … Continue reading Guest Post| The Unnecessary Needs of Your Life

Business Feature| Christian’s Red Balloon

Cara Martinisi is a wife and mother to three boys. Her oldest son, Christian, lives in heaven. She is the founder of the non profit organization, Love From Heaven - Christian Martinisi Memorial Fund Inc. After losing her son four years ago, unexpectedly, she formed the organization to offer light to those who are in their darkest days. The mission of organization is … Continue reading Business Feature| Christian’s Red Balloon


SELF-LOVE: A LIFETIME PROCESS From my experience so far, I think that the concept of self-love is one that cannot be mastered overnight, it's a gradual process. A process of resenting parts of yourself, then coming to terms with them and falling in love with them. Albeit, there are parts of yourself that you just … Continue reading Guest Post|SELF-LOVE: A LIFETIME PROCESS

Business Features| Lucy’s Dressings

As a little girl, I would watch my mother making dressings in jam jars. I was enchanted – and ever since, I’ve been bottling and sharing the magic of real home cooking. I started my business Lucy’s Dressings ( ) from my kitchen table, when I was pregnant with my third child, after a successful career in headhunting. … Continue reading Business Features| Lucy’s Dressings

Guest Post|What Moves People to Take Action – 5 Key Considerations

What Moves People to Take Action - 5 Key Considerations What is it that moves people to act? There have been all types of research over the years on motivation and what it has shown us is that culture matters. For some, they are motivated by their values and preferences. For others, it might be … Continue reading Guest Post|What Moves People to Take Action – 5 Key Considerations

Business Feature| Marian K

Marian K is a personal stylist, senior editor of ITS Fashion magazine, blogger who helps people find their best fashion and beauty self through her blog, Instagram and styling.  The consultant who was born in The Gambia, West Africa and is of Ghanaian heritage. The Gambia is a small country but so vibrant in color … Continue reading Business Feature| Marian K

Blog Feature| Women United

My name is Dayma, I am a mommy and a wifey as well, who uses her time very wisely alternating between housework, mom and wife duties, furmom duties, and now as a blogger. My passion for creating this blog that is for women overall, started when I hit a very bad slump and time in … Continue reading Blog Feature| Women United

Business Feature|KYE Studio

KYE is a textile design studio which specializes in sustainably produced woodblock printed textiles. It was started by Kat Rulach, a textile design graduate from the Glasgow School of Art. Kat has a passion for creating colorful textiles with minimal impact to the environment. The studio is based in Glasgow and produces bespoke fabric wall … Continue reading Business Feature|KYE Studio

Guest Post|Love Story{Part 8}

My name is Millie and My significant other's name is Jack and I have never been treated, outside my family, with so much care and love than he gives to me. In fact, he is part of my family. I am 18 years old, and he just turned 19, so we grew up in the … Continue reading Guest Post|Love Story{Part 8}

Business Feature| Weird Tees

My name is Lauren, I’ve been known to most people in my life as Lor. I grew up in a tiny beach town in very southern New Jersey, just outside Cape May. I grew up living like your classic beach bum, hitting the waves before school and spending every second in the sun I possibly … Continue reading Business Feature| Weird Tees

Blog Feature| Lellalee

Lellalee was created for all my fellow mothers, wives, historians, writers, and explorers around the world. I’m Ashley, a 34-year-old mother and wife. I live in Manchester, UK. I began my adult life in 2001 at the age of 17, as a single teenage Mum. I decided to attend college and eventually went to University. … Continue reading Blog Feature| Lellalee