Featuring Moms|Priyanka Nair

My mother's name is Anju Joshi. She is 53 years old, residing in Oman with my dad right now. She is very creative. Loves to cook and has also won many cookery competitions. We are North Indians, I was born and bought up in a very simple way by my Mom and Dad. They tried … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Priyanka Nair


Featuring Moms|Nancy Mulligan

Unconditional Love – The true meaning of Mother My mother was an amazing woman. What made her even more amazing to me was that I was adopted. I was chosen. I was adopted as a newborn, so the bond with her was natural.  In my teens when I announced to my mom that I wanted … Continue reading Featuring Moms|Nancy Mulligan

Featuring Moms| Anna Besperat

My name is Anna Besperat and I love my mom. She's my hero! I was 13 when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was told she would be lucky to live another 3 years. She's still here, 32 years later. After her diagnosis, my step-father took off, stating he'd married a woman and that … Continue reading Featuring Moms| Anna Besperat

Business Feature| D. S. Wells

  My name is Delaina Cischke but I also go by my author name D.S. Wells.  I love my family and I love writing.  I feel the Lord has given me the talent to write and I have been writing since I was a young teenager.  My writing has taken me many places and as … Continue reading Business Feature| D. S. Wells

Dear Younger Me by Nancy

I know, it’s probably hard to recognize me with all these little lines around my eyes, and the soft grey that is shaping my face. Know that I love who we have become. These little lines have graced my face from the many moments of joy and laughter I have experienced in this life. I … Continue reading Dear Younger Me by Nancy

Blog Feature|Secret Life of Real Estate Mommy

Behind the scenes mommy from the Secret life I am a Realtor® by day, blogger by night and a mommy 24/7. Long walks down the Target isles with a Sonic Diet Coke in hand, designing budgets for success and just generally keeping my tiny humans alive, are all the ways I pass the time. Would … Continue reading Blog Feature|Secret Life of Real Estate Mommy

Guest Post| Traits of a Great Parent

Traits of a Great Parent Anything that is worth having is worth the effort to keep. That includes an open and honest relationship with your children. I always keep the lines of communication open with my them. When I make myself available to discuss things, I encourage them to be open and honest, as I … Continue reading Guest Post| Traits of a Great Parent

Business Feature| Cotton On MCR

My name is Domino, age 29, I am from Manchester UK, and I am the Founder and Writer of Cotton On Mcr - www.cottononmcr.com. This is a guide to Manchester's art scene, we write exhibition listings, art reviews, and interviews. We also have an online shop selling artwork. I started this business when I realized there … Continue reading Business Feature| Cotton On MCR

Blog Feature| Soy Virgo

Hi, I’m Kiki. I'm a mid 90's baby who loves her husband and cats! I love writing about anime, music, veganism, minimalism, clean living, long-distance marriage, fashion, art and Law of Attraction. Read more @ soyvirgo.com/kiki Links: https://www.facebook.com/soyvirgho https://twitter.com/soyvirgos https://www.pinterest.com/soyvirgo/ https://www.instagram.com/soyvirgos/ https://www.bloglovin.com/@soyvirgo

Business Feature| Midlife Unstuck

Stories have always fascinated and inspired me. The stories I heard as a child moved me, challenged me and drove me to enjoy working in various corporate roles around the world.  I spent many years listening to the career stories of senior leaders from different companies, industries, and countries. In the ten years leading up … Continue reading Business Feature| Midlife Unstuck

Business Feature|EBYAK

Ashlea Atigolo is a British Men's Fashion Designer, Website Designer, AI Developer, and Entrepreneur. Her passion and dedication in using fashion as a way to empower people and the environment through sustainable statement pieces are perfectly presented in her vision for an innovative and distinctive menswear line with EBYAK. From a young age, Ashlea always … Continue reading Business Feature|EBYAK

Dear Younger Me by Shalee’

Dear younger self, You are beautiful and unique. Many people may not understand who you are but God does. It is okay that you don't have things figured out right now but God has a plan for your life. Shalee', smile because it brightens peoples day. You have been given a voice to speak so … Continue reading Dear Younger Me by Shalee’