Guest Post| How Living in the Present Moment Keeps your Mind Calm & Focused

How Living in the Present Moment Keeps your Mind Calm & Focused It happens to all of us. Our brains take control and start to wander off somewhere we don’t want it to be. It’s partly due to how we live our lives and how we deal with all the stress, anxiety, loss, regret, doubts … Continue reading Guest Post| How Living in the Present Moment Keeps your Mind Calm & Focused

Book Feature|Divine Courage: A Call To Valor by Michelle Bollom

The Cowardly Lion traveled to Oz in search of Courage - but there's no need for us to hop on the yellow brick road. We already have Divine Courage inside of us readily available. Courage is not one great big thing, it's a million little choices every day. What if we started to look at … Continue reading Book Feature|Divine Courage: A Call To Valor by Michelle Bollom

Business Feature| Spring Taft

  Spring was born on July 4, 1989, and got her start in ministry from her grandfather/mentor, the Late Rev. Levi Gay of Gospel Mission Baptist Church of "Bridgeport, CT." Spring is an author, and Entrepreneur of Youthfullyinspired4Real Global Youth Ministries. Spring has just Blossomed into this new dimension in God. Spring Taft is a … Continue reading Business Feature| Spring Taft

Business Feature| Eleonora C. Bastos

Eleonora is a sought-after health and wellness professional who strives to revolutionize the world of health and wellness. Former certified Integrative Nutrition Practitioner and Speaker, Eleonora more recently became the Best-Selling Author of Go Feed Yourself: The Essential Guide to Feeling Healthier and Happier in Your Body, a book designed as a 12 week program … Continue reading Business Feature| Eleonora C. Bastos

Business Feature| She Minds

Hello, my name is Dr. Sam Akbar and I am a clinical psychologist and a trauma expert. I treat refugees with PTSD who have survived torture, war and sexual violence. It's a great privilege to do this work but as some light relief I write a blog, She Minds ( to share some my very best … Continue reading Business Feature| She Minds

Business Feature|Claire Ferguson (Life Coach)

Claire is 56 and, for most of her recent career, has worked as a senior PA including ten years with Rolls-Royce plc. Since 2010 Claire has closely studied the subject of personal development and been coached by a Taoist Monk. As a result she passionately believes that what we think determines how we feel… and, consequently, how we feel influences our perception of the world, which shapes our reality. … Continue reading Business Feature|Claire Ferguson (Life Coach)

Business Feature| Association For Coaching

Jacqui Purdy is a professional coach who works with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their unique skills and personal drive, to help them perform at their best for their business and career. Jacqui spent 20 years in the advertising industry, working for start-ups and established brands in sectors ranging from technology to education. She experienced first-hand the pressures and challenges that are faced by businesses and the people who strive to … Continue reading Business Feature| Association For Coaching

Business Feature|Flame Marketing LTD

Hello, my name is Hayley Parker. When I was growing up, I had a very clear idea of what career I wanted to pursue and because. However, following my A-levels I was thrown a few curve balls in quick succession, from finding out I couldn’t pursue the career I had planned my whole life for, … Continue reading Business Feature|Flame Marketing LTD

Business Feature| Kirly-Sue

Kirly-Sue (aka Susanne Kirlew) is a vegan social media influencer, food writer, radio & TV presenter and published author. Kirly-Sue s writes about vegan food and lifestyle and was named as one of the Top 100 in the Lift Effects Star Awards.  I have produced 3 episodes of a cooking show entitled Kirly-Sue's Global Kitchen. … Continue reading Business Feature| Kirly-Sue

Book Feature| Survivor to Warrior By Lisa Cybaniak

Recently when we featured Lisa Cybaniak as one of the amazing women on our website, we had no idea that she would soon after release her first book Survivor to Warrior which is available right now on Amazon! We are not only honored to showcase Lisa's book on our website but we are honored that … Continue reading Book Feature| Survivor to Warrior By Lisa Cybaniak

Business Feature|Claire Winter

Claire Winter has been a content creator, journalist, and copywriter for twenty years. She is passionate about helping business owners to create content that converts via her online course and 1:1 training. She currently writes for all 41 Families magazines that cover the UK, which reach 9 million parents a year. While she was the editor … Continue reading Business Feature|Claire Winter

Announcements| We were featured on Life Like You Mean It Podcast

Hello Roses! Last week we had the opportunity to interview with Lisa Cybaniak who is the author of Survivor to Warrior {which is now on Amazon}. During the interview, we had an opportunity to talk about our recent book Women Are Roses {also available on Amazon} and we also talked, about our domestic violence such … Continue reading Announcements| We were featured on Life Like You Mean It Podcast