Blog Feature|Yorkshire Mum of 4

Hello my name is Gemma My blog is all about bringing up my 4 children, their interests, our life together travelling on holidays and day trips as a family, reviewing things we enjoy. Our blog started because I wanted a creative outlet, something to do to pass the time and I enjoyed writing reviews on … Continue reading Blog Feature|Yorkshire Mum of 4


Blog Feature|In The Thick Of It Blog

Hi! I'm Sharon will help me chronicle L.I.F.E. as I am in the “Thick of It”! I post about LEARNING new things, being INSPIRED, FEELING FIT, and EVOLVING as a person. Let’s journey to our best possible L.I.F.E together. I am a daughter, an ex-wife, and a working mom.  I am an enthusiastic cheerleader for all things I … Continue reading Blog Feature|In The Thick Of It Blog

Blog Feature|Holly’s Bird Nest

My name is Holly Bird, and I started my blog to share the multi- generational life that we live. I bought a home with my daughter who has a 5 year old Autistic son that I am the primary caregiver to, and we also have my parents who are living in Arizona, they are divorced  … Continue reading Blog Feature|Holly’s Bird Nest

Blog Spotlight| My Lifelines

MyLifelines is a lifestyle blog run by three millennial women: Abby, Lauren & Jordan, i.e., ALJ. They created this blog to share what they’ve learned through many years of friendship, to shine a light on influential and powerful women, and to give advice or a listening ear to anyone in need. They write about things … Continue reading Blog Spotlight| My Lifelines

Blog Spotlight| A Day in My Life

Hello my name is Souad and I live in North Africa. I am 20 years old and I was born on December 30. I made this blog to share my ideas with others. In addition, I like trying products, life hacks and sharing my experience on working online . I created this blog on August … Continue reading Blog Spotlight| A Day in My Life

Blog Spotlight|Asphodel Moon

Hello my name is Amy or Asphodel Moon. I'm a vegan eco goth who loves everything alternative. I live a cruelty free lifestyle and I'm an activist for animal liberation and animal rights. I'm a feminist and I believe in equal rights for all. Extra facts would be that my favorited color is black, followed … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Asphodel Moon

Blog Spotlight|Mums the Word

I am a 22 year old rum enthusiast. Arthur's mum (further training required). A refreshingly sincere blog on my own experience as a first time mum to assure you it's not just you and we're all in this mum gig together. (thank me later) My blog is focused on my experience as a young, first … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Mums the Word

Blog Spotlight|Renew Inspiration

My name is Latisha. I am a wife and mother of two hearing impaired children. My husband and I have been married for more than 14 years. I am passionate about helping and encouraging others to do better. I am a caring person and I spend a lot of time advocating for my children educationally, … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Renew Inspiration

Blog Spotlight| The Boozy Housewife

Kat Pillar is a stay-at-home wife, artist, and former mixologist.  Married to her best friend, currently they reside in Kansas City, MO where she navigates life, one cocktail at a time. My blog is still in it's infancy, however, in it so far, I have covered, marriage hacks, what it means to be a modern … Continue reading Blog Spotlight| The Boozy Housewife

Blog Spotlight|Kim on Skin

How escaping my comfort zone helped my relationship with dermatillomania So I’m 26 now. A young woman in her apparent ’prime time’, I’ve seen and done a lot when looking back on recent years. I think about the friends I’ve made; the loves I’ve had andnaturally lost and the places I’ve lived. My name is … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Kim on Skin

Women Who Inspire Us|Ulysha Renee Hall

The Dallas Police Department has a new police chief. City Manager T.C. Broadnax has hired Detroit Deputy Chief Ulysha Renee Hall, who'll be the first female to serve as police chief in Dallas.In her new leadership role with Dallas police, Hall said she hopes to continue her work building a bridge between the community and … Continue reading Women Who Inspire Us|Ulysha Renee Hall