Guest Post| Experience The Joy of A Positive Mindset

EXPERIENCE THE JOY OF A POSITIVE MINDSET Letting disappointments change your overall mindset is easy to let happen. When things are going in every direction except the direction you want, you probably feel like giving up. Keep in mind that challenges and obstacles are temporary, and with a positive mindset, giving up won’t be an … Continue reading Guest Post| Experience The Joy of A Positive Mindset

Blog Spotlight|One More Light LB

My name is Lisa but due to work and blog conflict, I use the blogging alias "LB".  I'm a Scottish woman in my mid-twenties that is passionate about reducing stigma surrounding mental health related topics. I love music, traveling, and I've always loved writing. I started my blog this year to keep up the conversation … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|One More Light LB

Blog Spotlight|All Things Alexx

My name is Alex  and I have a blog which covers a full range of topics which I deem important to me. I talk a lot about my job working in Early Years and my professional interests which is Autism and other additional needs. I also cover topics such as mental health, self care and anything … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|All Things Alexx