Business Feature| Candace N. Ford

Candace N. Ford is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, an ordained minister, and spiritual strategist, who believes in producing multiple streams of income. She is the CEO of Above The Line Press., an independent book publishing company and the principal of Fundamental Gain, LLC, a Virtual Accounting firm for small and mid-sized businesses. Graduating from DePaul … Continue reading Business Feature| Candace N. Ford


Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 7}

Everybody has got a story tell but our's is my favourite. I met my Mr.Nair 14 years back, when we were graduating in college and we became friends, he is an extreme introvert and shy kind of a person, I was lucky to grab his attention. Soon love was all in the air but the … Continue reading Guest Blog| Love Story {Part 7}

Inspiration|My Prayer Box

About 6 or more months ago, I went inside this boutique and I really wasn't looking for anything fancy, just wanted to look around. As I turned to one of their miscellaneous racks, I spotted this box that read, "Prayer Box". I picked it up not because it read prayer box but because it was … Continue reading Inspiration|My Prayer Box

Blog Feature| High Vibe Five

Good Day! My name is Michelle Besay, and I am a writer. Let me start by saying I was a bit nervous about writing this introduction. I mean, what do you say when you write about yourself? How much information do you give? Is there a right or wrong way to do this? Maybe I … Continue reading Blog Feature| High Vibe Five

Inspiration|What do I Say To The Person in the Mirror

What do I say to that one person that may be either a friend or family member that always need something? Sometimes more than you have or are willing to give. What do I say to that one person that can never seem to get back up on their feet for one reason or another? … Continue reading Inspiration|What do I Say To The Person in the Mirror

Inspiration|The Perfect Gift

As a teen, I remember my brother and I were inseparable or at least that was what I thought in my mind. In my mind we were close and that probably was because when he got in trouble with my parents, I was right there with him and vice versa. In my mind we were … Continue reading Inspiration|The Perfect Gift

Inspiration| Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I Cry When I was younger, I'm almost certain I had valid reasons to cry. I remember I would cry when I fell off my bike, when my brother got ice cream and I didn't. I think I even cried when Eddie pushed me off the swing in the 5th grade and called me … Continue reading Inspiration| Sometimes I Cry


What Are You Thankful For?Today is the day that most of us will gather around the table, carving out the biggest turkey,digging into amazing dressing or stuffing while passing sweet potatoes around the table. Some of us will make the greatest memories today by hanging around family and friends while playing games,watching their favorite sports … Continue reading Inspiration|Thankful