Blog Feature| Sheri Dyas Mellott

I’m Sheri and my blog is! I’m a 52-year old mom of 3, a military spouse and I put myself on hold for 20 years to follow my husband’s military career around the country.  Along the way, I lost myself.  I spent my 30s raising my 3 babies and then fell into a decade … Continue reading Blog Feature| Sheri Dyas Mellott


Blog Feature|A Million Ways to Learn

My name is Mary and I'm in my 24th year of teaching special education. I am so grateful that this is my job, and I still love being in the classroom every day. I love when students have those light bulb moments where it all clicks. Those light bulb moments inspired my logo! Everything I … Continue reading Blog Feature|A Million Ways to Learn

Blog Feature|Life Like A Galaxy Girl

My name is Alanna but I go by the name A, I'm 19, I am obsessed with rose gold and I am a huge Harry Potter fan. When I am not blogging I am working in an elderly care home or I have my head in the book studying forensic science and American history. You … Continue reading Blog Feature|Life Like A Galaxy Girl

Blog Feature|Electrically Effective

Hello, Im Rebeka and my blog is called Electrically Effective. I'm a new female blogger and have blogged since the 30th of September!  I write about history, lifestyle, skincare, fashion and beauty. I also like to add positivity to my posts with quotes and support too!  Things I would like people to know about my blog … Continue reading Blog Feature|Electrically Effective

Blog Feature|Life of the Aspiring

Hi there, I’m Elle and I run the blog Life of the Aspiring  Hi there, I’m Elle (short for Elleanor if anyone was wondering), I am about to make tohe change from College to University! Obviously, for everyone in this position this is an exciting and nerve wrecking time so in my attempt to stay calm … Continue reading Blog Feature|Life of the Aspiring

Blog Feature|My Everyday Challenges

Hello ~ my name is Nancy Mulligan and I created My Everyday Challenges which is an Inspirational Lifestyle Blog.  I was born and raised in New Jersey: just a Jersey Girl at heart I guess you could say. I have always lived along the Jersey Shore and have been blessed to be able to enjoy … Continue reading Blog Feature|My Everyday Challenges

Inspiration| For All of the Little Girls Watching

For All of the Little Girls Watching For all of  the little girls watching please know that you can be or do anything that you want to be.  For all of  the little girls watching always believe in yourself and know that you are the best For all of the little girls watching please know … Continue reading Inspiration| For All of the Little Girls Watching

Blog Feature|Carley Creative Concepts

My name is Mary Carley and my career in public health and human services spans thirty years. I have broad management experience in a variety of organizations having designed and implemented medical, dental, vision, pharmacy, behavioral health benefits and wellness programs in public health organizations, hospitals, health plans and corporations. With thirteen years of experience providing … Continue reading Blog Feature|Carley Creative Concepts

Blog Spotlight| A Day in My Life

Hello my name is Souad and I live in North Africa. I am 20 years old and I was born on December 30. I made this blog to share my ideas with others. In addition, I like trying products, life hacks and sharing my experience on working online . I created this blog on August … Continue reading Blog Spotlight| A Day in My Life

Blog Spotlight|Asphodel Moon

Hello my name is Amy or Asphodel Moon. I'm a vegan eco goth who loves everything alternative. I live a cruelty free lifestyle and I'm an activist for animal liberation and animal rights. I'm a feminist and I believe in equal rights for all. Extra facts would be that my favorited color is black, followed … Continue reading Blog Spotlight|Asphodel Moon

Inspiration| Letting Go

Letting Go Whether or not we want to admit it women, WE are perfectionist. We want everything in our lives to fit like a puzzle. This is why it's so easy to sell us tons of makeup, fake hair extensions, fake boobs, nails and whatever else the beauty industry produces because of our aim to … Continue reading Inspiration| Letting Go