Hello, my name is Heidi May and I’m a Business Support Manager supporting smaller businesses & business owners to achieve success.

I provide advice and guidance, to small business owners and start-ups, to help them achieve their business goals, but with the unique approach of actually working alongside them to provide practical help to actually achieve and implement changes to support them. 

Alongside this, I also offer hands-on support in all operational aspects of running a business such as administration, PA support, office management, blog and content writing, creation/implementation of processes & procedures, event planning, system reviews, CRM management, market research to name but a few.

My background combines over 10 years in office and business manager roles, as well as executive PA positions. Therefore I have developed a very diverse skill set and knowledge base of the key aspects of running and developing a business from the ground up.

So I wanted to translate all my expertise into a service that provides support, advice, and guidance for those young businesses, growing, changing and expanding and who can really benefit from some real-life professional and practical support. Information is great but understanding where to start and working your way through the mountain of free online advise can be daunting. I take the confusion and overwhelm out of the situation and turn it into a reality to build my clients a successful business.

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Website: www.oasis-support.co.uk



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