Ellen Cole - picture copyrighted to Chris Marriot
Ellen Cole – picture copyrighted to Chris Marriot

Ellen Cole is the founder and owner of the Little Seed Group which helps food and drink businesses to grow, thrive and blossom through award-winning Marketing, PR & Social Media services.

Ellen’s journey into entrepreneurship started in primary school when she would buy pogs and slammers from her classmates and sell them on to make a profit. Her aim was to be able to buy the latest Polly Pocket set, which she was able to buy within a couple of weeks of starting her project.

Having worked in Marketing and Public Relations for several years, Ellen’s entrepreneur spirit re-emerged in 2015 which is when she decided to set up her own business.

Since starting her business, Ellen has generated many successes for clients including:

  • Increasing corporate fundraising initiatives for a charitable organization by 18% in six months which has resulted in them being able to guarantee vital services for their users.
  • Enhancing daytime trade by 38% in six months for a Yorkshire restaurant chain by creating and delivering a highly-tailored marketing strategy. This led to them winning the title of Best Cocktail Bar by LUX Magazine.
  • Developing and maintaining several media relationships on behalf of a food supplier client which resulted in them securing a television slot on ITV’s This Morning.
  • Revamping and developing a client’s social media strategy which resulted in them securing several social media award wins and increasing their repeat custom by 14% and interaction levels by 42% in 12 months.

Many of Ellen’s clients stay with her long-term as she generates results, achieves business objectives, enhances sales and, more importantly, brings in cake!

Although the majority of her work is based on retainer contracts, she firmly believes Marketing, PR and Social Media services should be accessible for all, which is why she also offers consultancy and training sessions which have been a huge success, especially with sole-traders and SMEs.

Ellen is based in York, North Yorkshire and has a proven track record in helping her clients step away from the shadows and into the spotlight.

For more information on Ellen’s work, visit >>> www.littleseedgroup.co.uk

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LittleSeedGroup

Instagram www.instagram.com/littleseedellen/

Linkedin www.linkedin.com/in/ellenjcole/

Twitter www.twitter.com/littleseedellen

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