Hi, I am Dinara, the owner of Bag All Done handbag organizers. I am 31 years old and live in London with my husband and our little daughter. I am originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. When I moved to the UK I tried a few different things including working as a costume assistant for films and TV.
Having a child change priorities in my life. I decided it was a good time to start my own business as it was something I wanted to do for a long time.
One morning I read an article that some women spend 81 days of their lives searching for things in their handbags. That gave me an idea to design a handbag organizer. It is a small bag that you carry in your handbag. The main purpose of it is to help people to change their handbags in minutes without the worry of leaving something important behind in another bag. When going out the user will simply take out a bag organizer from one old handbag and put it into a new one. It has lots of pockets and a hood for security. Everything will have its own place and will make it easier to find things. Also, it can help protect designer bags from unwanted soil or damage of lining.
So this is how Bag All Done was created.
The fact that I am an introvert.
Most women I know are extroverts. In fact, statistic estimates 75% of people are extroverts. People like to put labels on, but being introvert is different from being shy, depressed or quite. Our brains work differently and it is actually ok to enjoy along time. It doesn’t make me weird, it is just my way to restore my energy level.
Being an introvert entrepreneur can be exhausting. Small talk, hard sales and self-promoting – I feel drained after lots of social interaction. I also often find myself defending my choices as introversion is still not well understood by most people.
Yes, as an introvert, I have my issues, but there are many positives as well – my ability to listen and connect with people on an intimate level to name one of them. And I think this is a way forward – to use my strong qualities instead of worrying about my weaknesses.

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