Hello Amazing Women,

It’s no secret that we’ve been featuring women on our website. We haven’t featured just your everyday women but, extraordinary women. Since starting our website, we have always used our platform to feature and support female writers and entrepreneurs.  Take a look at our ABOUT US page in order to learn more about who we are.

WHY-You Ask? Why do you feature women on your website?

Before we thought of using this website as a landing for donation, we created this website with each of you in mind. Call us crazy, but we are passionate about featuring women on our website. We feature women on our website as a way to motivate and inspire other women reading about the women that we feature on our website. Most of the women that we feature are passionate about their blogs, their random inspirational writings, their business, and their books. It’s that passion that we love sharing on our website. We believe that it only takes one person’s spark to ignite a fire for someone else, that’s what we call empowerment.

Why Should YOU?  Why should you want to be featured on our website? We have to admit being featured on our website may not be an opportunity for everyone. However, if you are a female author, entrepreneur or blogger you may want to take advantage of sharing what you do with our audience-other women who are interested. No pressure the choice is yours.

HOW-You Ask? How do you join other amazing features on our website? It’s super simple: {Instuctions Below}

  • Email us your biography of at least 300-word count or more. Remember that it’s really not so much about the word count, it’s more about sharing interesting information about who you are and what you do that’s important. Imagine the feature that we share with others on our website as your personal stage on broadway or somewhere famous….What would you share if you were on a famous stage? {Keep in mind that we do not go to other links/websites to track down your bio.  Honestly, if you share your hobbies and all of your favorites plus information about your business, most of our ladies go way over 300 words, which is totally fine.
  • Email us an amazing picture of you, your business, your book, or whatever you would like to highlight on our website. Please be sure to email pictures without facial filters. {You are welcome to filter the background of your photos if you like} 
  • Include your social handles/link within your email {example: Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/womenwithgiftsintl}

When Will You Be Featured-You Ask? 

Once you’ve submitted all of the information above and your information has been excepted to be featured you will receive an email to let you know the date your feature will publish on our website. You are notified within one week if your business doesn’t meet the standards of our website.

Here are examples of why you or your business would NOT be featured on our website:

  • Information submitted by public relations manager who submitted information about you and never responds to our request
  • Bio not long enough or doesn’t provide enough information about person or business
  • Information provided has sexual content or inappropriate content

When your feature is published on our website, it is also published on our Facebook Page, Twitter Page and Instagram Page, so more people have a great chance of reading about you or learning about your business, you should also share that you were featured on our website and feel free to TAG us by using @womenwithgifts or #womenwithgifts and we will RESHARE what you shared on your social media outlets.

Still have questions about being featured? Please email us at info {at} womenwithgifts {dot} com. Have you had an opportunity to NOMINATE someone for our upcoming 2020 Women Are Roses Award Ceremony? Hurry do it now, CLICK HERE



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