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It was a day after Christmas on December 26, 2018, when we first featured Kate Blake on our website. She was featured on our website because of our recent project that she finished in conjunction with her 50th birthday.

Recently,  we had the honor of reading Kate Blake’s latest project, I Will If You Won’t Let Me. Our book review for Kate’s book is actually being completed by Zoe Monee, a blogger and makeup artist who spends the majority of her time with her face in books. 

Before I start this review, I have to say that Kate Blake created a phenomenal novel, “I Will If You Won’t Let Me.” Blake wrote this beautiful piece filled with limitless details on every single part of her life. Within most of my reviews, I constantly say that I am a very analytical reader. The more I read this book I wanted to analyze this book to see how Blake would keep readers interested in her childhood as well as her full book in general. While reading this book, I noticed that Blake kept her readers interested in her book by giving them a full overview of her life.

Before I started reading, I noticed a quote that happened to be on the back on the book that was really impressive, “Make a change to make a difference”. Before even reading this book I was moved by just this quote alone because that quote spoke into my view of life.  For example, in the past, I’ve always been mad at the world just for the creation and existence of sexual abuse. After ready Kate’s book, I had to ask myself what can I do to change the way that abuse affected me? What was I doing to create a better me regardless of my life experiences?

Honestly, it wasn’t until I wrote a chapter in Women Are Roses memoir that I realized that my words had the power to change how people viewed others who spoke out about their sexual abuse experiences and also stories about their survivorship.

My hat goes off to Kate Blake for not only writing the first novel of her life experiences before her 50th birthday but also learning to overcome life obstacles.

I do have to admit that there were certain things in the book that left me a little puzzle, but I can only assume that there’s another book in the works that left out some details about her childhood.

I don’ want to spoil this part of the book for anyone but…I’m sorry you really have to read this book to get a gist of what I’m talking about. The doctor that delivered Blake had a daughter and the daughter asked Blakes, mom, to just willingly give up her child for a book. It made me mad for the simple fact that people can be so inhumane sometimes its ridiculous. I will point out one thing that made me laugh is when she talks about being sassy growing up. My mom has so many childhood stories of me growing up. My childhood stories began with me being bossy or me being the kid where it had to be all about me. As I was reading, this part of the book, I started to see parts of me in the book. I remember going to one of my friend’s birthday party and even though it was my friend’s party I was so mad because she was getting presents and not me. Sadly, my mom still has those pictures to remind me as proof of my foolishness.

I love how much she expressed how much she adored her parents I mostly love how highly she speaks of her parents and grandparents. You can tell by the way she speaks of them that they were very close. I thought it was the cutest thing when she talks about wearing her grandmother’s and her mother’s clothes as a kid. It reminded me of my own grandmother when I used to put on her nightgowns. She would have the long flowy cape things that would be the coolest and the most comfortable costume to put on. I also admire how she gives a description of the title of the book “I will if you won’t let me” by explaining in one of her chapters that she only said that when she was told not to do something. I do want to point out that I was sad when I read about when Blakes and her brother go to their grandparent’s house, the majority of the time they were alone because most of the adults that should have taken care of them were in the hospital.

I also liked how she spent 6 weeks holidays with grandma and grandpa. It broke my heart that her grandmother passed away while reading this book. For some strange reason, I only like to read about happy times. I have a hard time with sadness while reading. Along with her grandmother passing, it hurt even more when Kate says she wished here grandmother would have lived longer to help her throughout her journey.

According to Kate, her mother was really good at entertaining people and that’s when I started to see parts of my mom in this book.  My mom loves to make people happy and she loves to make sure that everyone’s doing okay. She’s very funny to be around and an all-around beautiful soul in general. Kate also reminds me of myself, in the sense that we both speak highly of our mothers as well as we both have good memories with our brother and mother.

Although I can totally relate to Kate’s younger self in the book, I personally feel that this book is more for the blossomed readers and not so much for early to late teens.  I only say that because I can only relate to Kate’s childhood memories and being a sickly child. This is a great book to read but I feel that it’s more for the seasoned aged people and not really for my age group and that’s only because we haven’t experience enough of life to get a great understanding of this book.

I was a very sickly kid growing up so I was always on steroids Benadryl anti-itch cream, anything you can think of I was on it. It restricted me from being my normal self. It hindered me in the sense of me not being able to experience running and playing with my friends and just experiencing or enjoying nature because I was allergic to pretty much everything. When she had a bunny growing up I immediately fell in love because I myself have a bunny. My bunny’s name is Mason and I love him with all my heart.

Kate also talks about her family humor and that made me think of the time when my mother and I were reading one of the pieces that I wrote, and the computer made a mistake of deleting the entire piece that I wrote. BTW, it took hours for me to create the piece. I accidentally cursed in front of my mother for the first time. I was so scared because I thought that she was going to yell at me. We instead laughed about it and we created that bond of never take things like that serious from each other. I was absolutely shocked when she mentioned that she is a talented pianist that she listened to play on the piano. My brother and I used to take piano lessons. Sadly, to say I wasn’t the Beethoven that my mother probably expected but it was a fun experience.

One thing I can never take my eyes off of is how she mentioned how beautiful her family dynamic was, the only thing I can think of is my mother being my best friend. She is absolutely there for me through everything. I mean yeah she is my mom but she’s my best friend more so. When it comes to health issues I can always relate. Kate also gives us a beautiful introduction to her dyslexia. She gives us a walkthrough visual of how that impacted her. I can say that I relate to the migraines and the speech, I was in the hospital I could barely speak and I couldn’t even walk or do the things that I normally could. When Kate Blake talks about how she was raped I immediately fell for her and my heart went out to her and began to cry. She got raped but its how she let that change her in a good way that moved me. The determination that she had and the will to get better is what got me in tears. How she got up and was able to push forward, and how she gives a step-by-step for the reader to also push forward, really made me admire her as an author and as a person as well.

She talks about how beautiful her family was in later on she talks about how her dad left her mom for another woman. She talks about how she couldn’t hate her dad because she didn’t have hate in her heart. Kate stated in the book that her dad did cause her mother a lot of pain which probably was the cause of her death.

I think the one thing that will capture audiences of all age groups is how Kate shares her memories verbatim. I also like how Kate really puts her heart into her first novel and I do want to say I’m sorry for the loss of your brother especially after reading how close you both were. Hearing about your brother’s death really broke my heart. I can say that I can’t wait to read the next piece from Kate.

While reading I Will If You Won’t Let Me, it taught me to always get back up regardless of how you feel about yourself or life. Even as a teen, that really motivated me to do better. When I get older, just for fun, I would love to go back and re-read this book just to see if my views have changed or see if I get more insight from this book. I think that would be a great experience. Some things that Kate talked about during her time, like not having seatbelts, I couldn’t even imagine riding in a car without one. That’s the beauty of this book though. This book is a dynamic read and it’s available on Amazon.

I will

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