Spring was born on July 4, 1989, and got her start in ministry from her grandfather/mentor, the Late Rev. Levi Gay of Gospel Mission Baptist Church of “Bridgeport, CT.” Spring is an author, and Entrepreneur of Youthfullyinspired4Real Global Youth Ministries. Spring has just Blossomed into this new dimension in God. Spring Taft is a natural-born leader who has a pure heart, and her only objective is to lead people to the Kingdom of God.

At a very early age, she displayed her very unique leadership skills in the kingdom of God by using her creativity to draw more young people like herself to worship and praise God authentically. Hence, “Angels of Mercies Praise Dance Team,” was formed. Spring, really got ignited on her 13th birthday when she attended a Young conference in Houston, Texas at Second New Light were the Senior Pastors where Bishop IV Hillard and Pastor Brigette Hillard. Spring, was the youngest one to attend this conference out of the peers from the church. At the conference, one of the older youth and Spring felt the move of God and decided to dedicate their lives back to God.


Spring has not only accomplished many things spiritually, but she is accomplishing things physically as well. Spring hosted her first book / Youth & Young adult conference, “Connection Conference,” which is based on her Book entitled, “( P. L . U .G ) Purposeful, Living, Unto God.” Spring objective for this conference was to show people how to make an authentic connection with God.


“Live on Purpose, For Purpose.” Spring’s future career goals are to open up her own direct care business where she is meeting the needs of others by providing them with life skills, love, appreciation, and discipleship. Also, she is looking to open up a few Youth homes ( Daughters of Leah House) and (House of David). In these homes, she provides these young people with the necessary life skills with a spiritual component to help them become successful in their lives. Spring’s lifetime goal is to open up a School, K-12 called the “New Remnant Academy.” Spring ‘s purpose in life is to be the impact this world needs in whatever compacity that is.


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