Eleonora is a sought-after health and wellness professional who strives to revolutionize the world of health and wellness. Former certified Integrative Nutrition Practitioner and Speaker, Eleonora more recently became the Best-Selling Author of Go Feed Yourself: The Essential Guide to Feeling Healthier and Happier in Your Body, a book designed as a 12 week program to help people break free from dieting once for all, while iproving their energy, get rid of bloating and create an overall lasting positive impact on their body and life.


Motivated and inspired by her own personal journey with nutrition and wellness, Eleonora is determinate to contribute to the personal growth and development of our society.


Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Eleonora faced sexual abuse as a child, which led her to struggle with eating disorders, depression, drug abuse and self-injury. With a big desire to re-write her story, she relocated to the U.S. at the age of 21, to pursue the American Dream.


Under the loving guidance of a few mentors Eleonora began her healing journey and after years of trial and error, she perfectioned a method to create change and balance not only in her life, but in other people too.


In 2013 she enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, determined to get the necessary qualification to help others. After graduating in 2014, Eleonora opened her practice in Miami in 2014 where she began to share her method with those in need.


Since then, she has been coaching women all over the world helping them improve their health and relationship between their body and food, along with permanent weight loss through implementing a few simple diet and lifestyle changes. She has been selected to work with a number of renowned brands such as Victoria Beckham’s team, WeWork and Radio Health UK to promote health and wellness.

Her approach to nutrition is different from most of other programs out there, as it was built on personal experience with eating disorders and years of helping other women improve their relationship with their body and food.

Eleonora’s method incorporates health, nutrition, and personal development as part of her personalized plans, to encourage others in adopting a more gentle and balanced approach to life, making it uniquely comprehensive – there are few programs in the world that take this approach, and even fewer with long-lasting results. Eleonora believes that your emotions play just as much a role in your wellbeing as food does and that in order to make any lasting change in your life and eating habits you need to address your emotions.

She remains committed in helping people improve their quality of life and can now be booked for events/workshops and retreats around the world.

Eleonora C. Bastos
Health and Wellness Consultant
www.eleonoracbastos.comGET A COPY OF MY BOOK HERE   


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