Jacqui Purdy is a professional coach who works with CEOs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their unique skills and personal drive, to help them perform at their best for their business and career.

Jacqui spent 20 years in the advertising industry, working for start-ups and established brands in sectors ranging from technology to education. She experienced first-hand the pressures and challenges that are faced by businesses and the people who strive to make them successful. As a consequence, she brings insight and empathy – as well as realism and rigour – to the coaching relationship.

As a coach, Jacqui supports senior management in key areas such as leadership development, strategic planning, communications, staff retention and dealing with change. Her clients range from corporates to sole traders, in sectors as diverse as commercial port operators and des, and Advertise

Jacqui’s superpower is her total, clear-sighted honesty. I can genuinely say that we would not be the force we are today without her skill, leadership and talent. Jacqui’s capacity to make us think, challenge us to be better than we believe we can be, to be ambitious about what lies ahead, and to make us laugh, is powerful stuff.”

TL, Managing Director, Media and Advertising

Jacqui Purdy is a member of the Association for Coaches and the Henley Coaching Centre (Henley Business School). She holds diplomas, with distinction, in Personal Performance Coaching and Corporate and Executive Coaching from the Coaching Academy.


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