Hello, my name is Hayley Parker. When I was growing up, I had a very clear idea of what career I wanted to pursue and because. However, following my A-levels I was thrown a few curve balls in quick succession, from finding out I couldn’t pursue the career I had planned my whole life for, to being hit by the news that my mother had cancer. These curveballs forced me to review who I was and what I wanted to achieve in life. 

Throughout my GCSEs and A-levels my amazing business studies teacher had inspired and encouraged my love of business and in particular marketing. So, I decided to pull the thread and find out where is led me. Four years later I am just two weeks away from attending my graduation to collect a first-class BA Hons degree in Business and Marketing. I studied through distance learning knowing this allowed me to live in my hometown and be around for my family. I have pulled 70-hour weeks and worked a range of entry level jobs in this time to fund my degree and develop my business idea.

I learned a lot about myself and my values during this time and I continue to further this understanding. One thing I learnt was that I don’t love corporate that is not the place for me, instead my heart lies with the artisans, the crafters, the small independents and the artists. I have a passion for marketing but I also have a passion for every small business right down to that friend of yours who makes gin in their garage or cheese in their garden shed.

I truly believe that quality and bespoke marketing should be available at an affordable rate for all businesses from micro-one-man- bands upwards. I had built Flame Marketing on this belief and I continue to work to keep our fees as reasonable as possible and to work with clients to ensure our services deliver visible results without breaking the bank.

I have created a marketing agency created specifically with artisans and rural businesses in mind, I understand the struggles faced by our clients whether that’s the slow internet, the Dawlish train line being closed yet again or being late for a meeting cause the cows needed to move fields. I know how it feels when you just need someone to talk to about your business. I understand because this is my home too and I love your products as well. I want to make your business the best it can be so my home can flourish just as your business can with my help.

I have chosen farmland over glass boxes, I drive a 4×4 not a BMW, I wear boots not heels, and I know how to handle a stuck sheep.

Social media links and website below: 


instagram – @hayleyflamemarketing

Company Instagram and Facebook – @flamemarketingltd 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/hayley-parker-flame-marketing-bespoke-marketing-for-artisans/

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