Survivor to Warrior

Recently when we featured Lisa Cybaniak as one of the amazing women on our website, we had no idea that she would soon after release her first book Survivor to Warrior which is available right now on Amazon! We are not only honored to showcase Lisa’s book on our website but we are honored that she allowed us to interview her about her recent project. Lisa Cybaniak is the Founder of Life, like you mean it! Life, like you mean it!is an online community empowering women to build a life of value after abuse, through coaching, online courses & supportive resources. Founded in 2016, it began as a platform to break my silence. It quickly grew to be the thriving business it is today, offering support and guidance for survivors on their healing journey. Please take a moment to read about Survivor to Warrior and our recent interview with Lisa Cybaniak.


How did you come up with the book title for your book and what does it mean?

Survivor to Warrior refers to the I took along a healing journey – in my case, from child abuse. The first step was to live in a space of being victimized. Eventually, I began to walk a healing path that lead me to change my perspective to one of Survivor. To me, this symbolizes the beginning of an empowerment phase, where the power shifts from feeling like I had no control in the victimization phase, to regaining some level of control in this Survivor phase. When I finally truly empowered myself to live in the light, protect myself from the actions and reactions of others, and understand the control I have over my own action and reactions, I began to live consciously. This is the Warrior phase.

What inspired you to write your book, Survivor to Warrior

I want to help others learn how to overcome their limitations, regardless of where they stem from. We don’t have to face something like child abuse to have deeply rooted beliefs of not being good enough or deserving better. These beliefs creep in at a young age and impact every decision we make. I want to empower people to change the way they experience their lives through understanding what motivates them, what beliefs are at play, and how to apply specific strategies to build the life they truly deserve, eliminating those beliefs and making better decisions that serve their Highest good.

Tell us what the book is about and did you have a target audience in mind when writing the book.

The book is not a story of abuse, but rather a guide to overcoming limitations in order to live your best life. It is a strategy, complete with a 30-day challenge to change habits, build confidence, strength the connection with Self, shift the way you experience your life, and unpack what truly makes you tick, so you can make lasting and meaningful change in your life. 

The target audience I had while writing was multifaceted. First, fellow survivors of abuse and trauma, both male and female, who are over the age of 25. Specifically, this audience is between 35-45. They have lived in the shadow of their abuse their entire lives and are not sure why they can’t escape it. The second audience is broader. These are the people who keep getting in their way of success but either don’t recognize it or don’t know what to do to change it. They don’t understand what is driving them to sabotage themselves when they are desperate for the success they crave. In both audiences, there is a deep sense of frustration and unfulfillment to their lives. They work hard, do everything they think they are supposed to, but don’t make the progress they expect. They are stuck.

When people read, Survivor To Warrior what do you want them to take away from your book?

I want people to know that they have all the power they need to change their lives. Nobody else will or can do it. When they understand their patterns, and why they have them, as well as their underlying belief systems, they have the ability to make changes that will greatly affect their lives.

Are you planning to write another book and what ideas would you have for your next book?

I have ideas for a few more books! This was such a great experience, and immediately after sending it to the publisher, I thought of a million other things I could have written. I know this book is exactly as it should be, so the challenge now will be which of my other ideas to pursue first!

If you could say anything to other survivors, what would it be? What do you want people to know about abuse?

Your abuse wasn’t about you. The only person your abuse was about was your abuser. Learning what motivates you to make your decisions helps you to understand that others are doing the same. Most times, when people make decisions to do something, it is not with the intention of hurting another, but in gaining something for themselves. That means the last thing your abuser was considering, was you. They didn’t target you because of what you were wearing or what you said or did, but because they could. The shame of that decision falls on them, not you.

As a Qualified NLP Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Author & Corporate Trainer, Lisa Cybaniak uses her recovery from 10 years of child abuse to empower women to overcome their limitations, building the life they deserve. She focuses on teaching the power of understanding our core self-beliefs, to re-write their script. This causes lasting transformation in all areas of life, from personal relationships to the boardroom! Connect with her here to learn more about her NLP program, courses, and workshops.

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