If you can be honest with yourself for a second, we as women want so many things so fast that we don’t even realize what we jeopardize to get the things we want. We jeopardize having our inner peace. We jeopardize our having joy and we also compromise who we really are to please others.

People say that the struggle is real but, in reality, you create the struggle- we create the struggle. We create a struggle based on the people we hang around. The people that motivates us and pushes us to continue on our journey, they are the amazing ones but for some reason, we are drawn to the people that are the opposite. Most of us run from the people that attempt to help us in any shape, form or fashion.

Recently we shared the topic on our vlog, 5 Reason You Shouldn’t Commit Suicide

Believe it or not, it’s not always the people that suffer from depression or sadness that commit suicide. In most cases, it’s common everyday people that attempt to commit suicide. The reason we feel that suicide is so common and so undetected in our society because we feel most people that commit suicide are looking for a solution or a way out.

Regardless of when, where, why or how you’ve considered suicide, here are our reasons as to why you shouldn’t commit suicide:

You are LOVED:

Right now you may not feel loved. You may not feel valued but you are. You are loved and if you’re not hanging around people that let you know you are loved, it’s time to change your circle of friends. Don’t hang around people that only need you for what you have and what you can offer, but hang with people that love you whether you have $1.00 or $50,000. Most of us have friends hanging around us that only help us to make all the wrong decisions. Or they are the types of friends that are only around when things are going amazing for us. They will also show up when they can benefit from us. If you are having suicidal thoughts, make sure you are surrounding yourself about people that enjoy your friendship just for WHO you are and not WHAT you have to offer.

It’s Fix-able:

Regardless of what you go through, remember that it’s fixable. Read this again: IT’S FIX-ABLE. I never thought in a million years that I would ever get through my young and dumb single mom years but I did. I never thought I could get through my pain of being raped and molested but I did. I never thought I would get through my years of feeling like a failure because of my incomplete projects but guess what I did and if I did so can you.

People need you! You matter:

You are brilliant. You are smart. You are the next big thing. Stop suppressing your ideas and because they matter and so do you! Get this in your mind-where you are now is not where you will be in the future. Take control of your destiny and keep moving forward. I know you hear this all the time but trust me when I say situations that seem devastating right now, you will laugh about them in the future.

Consider your family and Friends

I know when people are considering something as drastic as suicide no one ever considers their family and friends, but you should. One important reason you shouldn’t commit suicide is because of your family and friends. You want to consider both the emotional and financial restraints that you are putting them in. Also, keep in mind that most insurance companies do not cover suicidal deaths.

You have a support system

Here’s the number to  Suicide Prevention Hotline  1800-273-8255.

Live your life and be a better you!

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