I am Corina Stefan, I am copywriter and owner of iXpr –  content agency in Bucharest, Romania. 
In time I had various jobs, either as a journalist, or even acquisition officer in the technical field. During my last job, the bureaucratic one, I realized that I want to do something more, something different, something for people. My dream was big, on the way I’ve learned flexibility and what one step at the time really means. First things, first!
 I wanted to open and develop the first accessible travel agency in Romania and I did. I wanted all the people to travel to Romania without barriers. It was not easy for me as two years latter I had to close the agency (2014). At that time, I started wondering whether I should go for a job or carry on my own. 
I analyzed what I should do, what expertise I had and I started a content writing agency the very same year, 2014, July. My main arguments were my passion for writing, my previous working experience and master degree in online communication. And the fact that I love freedom and creativity.  I was very shy at first.  I was taking small projects, but I learned a lot. In the meanwhile, I was reading everything I got into my hand about content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, reputation management, I took online courses. Internet is such a good resource!
 I carried on taking bigger and bigger projects, I met amazing people and developed myself along with them and their businesses. In the beginning, it was just myself doing the entire work for iXpr. Even today, I am the only person in iXpr, but I have collaborators, as the only way to growth is through people and cooperation. 
iXpr has decently grown during the last 2 years and I plan to develop new services. I learn and I carry on learning ( don’t we all?) and I take the courage and time to speak about it. 

Also, take a moment to read more about Corina Stefan 


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