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Yaaaahooo! We were not only featured as Friday’s Favorites recently but we were featured by Holly Bird, the author of Shaken Dreams. Holly Bird started my blog to share the multi-generational life that we live. I bought a home with my daughter who has a 5-year-old Autistic son that I am the primary caregiver to, and we
also, have my parents who are living in Arizona, they are divorced  and I
am trying to build on a suite for my Dad, so we have 4 generations,
who spend every day together, traveling, cooking, gardening, and even
doctors appointments.

skaken dreams







Holly states that she created Friday Favorites: Inspiring Blogs for the following reasons:

We all can use inspiring words, and stories to see the good things in life! I love reading blogs that share stories and situations that help others to be inspired to be a better person and live their lives with gratitude and share kindness.

I read hundreds of blog posts a month when you write a blog supporting other bloggers is important, and also helps inspire me to write some of my posts. I have many favorites but inspiring blogs that share gratitude and support of others are my favorite, they get me through my week with a positive outlook!

Take a moment to support Holly’s Blog and see our latest feature here!

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