Noor’s journey to spiritual, professional and emotional gravity and balance was born out of a turbulent childhood that left her to pick up the pieces of her identity in a world where she wasn’t normal. Stuck between not being white enough for the kids at school, not traditionally Middle Eastern enough for her father; she slid into anxiety and medicated depression from a young age because she couldn’t get away from these outwardly imposed failings on her. Self-harm, drugs, drinking, bad relationships and late night ‘What am I going to do??” moments marked her early adulthood until she put her foot down. No more. Noor changed her attitude and her life and went from earning £138 a week to making multiple six-figure salaries a year. But that was not enough for her, the combination of physical, mental and financial issues made her unhappy, how could money just solve everything? She knew she had to try one, two and three more areas of her life before she’d even started fixing the problem. In her book, Just F*cking Do it, Noor explores and explains her completely-rounded approach to grabbing your potential and to get out of that relationship, to stop harming yourself and your life and to just f*cking do it! She says: “I stopped worrying about what everyone wanted from me. I stopped wanting to please everyone and fit in. I stopped focusing on what everyone else had and what I didn’t and started to create a life that was arguably, quite selfishly, all about me. And I have used that secret to help my clients across the world dramatically change their lives.” The book is out now available on Amazon



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