Signs That You Need to Work on The Skill of Commitment


Having the commitment to work on a project through completion takes dedication and self-discipline. There are a few things that you need to make sure you have if you want to get through a long-term project. If you find yourself failing at achieving long-term goals, then you may lack a few skills necessary to build up your self-discipline. 

You’re Always Late

Do you have trouble making it places on time? You seem to miss work deadlines? These could be signs that you need to work on your skill of commitment. Having self-discipline and being highly committed means that you know how to manage your time effectively. According to Jimmy Boroughs, a popular personal development blogger, managing your time efficiently shows that you have great levels of dedication.

During an average eight-hour workday, over two hours are spent doing absolutely nothing. Typically, the average American watches 2.8 hours of television every day. If you have time to watch TV or surf the Internet but you can’t seem to show up on time or finish projects on time, then you probably have commitment issues.

You Lack Consistency

No new skills are learned in under three weeks. It’s often said that making a habit needs at least 21 days to complete. If you have a hard time consistently finishing your activities: you will have a hard time building productive habits. Making the effort to be consistent can help you develop the self-discipline you need to succeed in life.

You Never Do What You Want

Another symptom of a lack of commitment is the inability to do the things you want to do. If you regularly seem to be playing catch-up or you don’t have time to pursue your dreams, you are probably suffering from a lack of commitment. It is easier to sit down and watch television than it is to start work on your new goals.

Lifehack notes that when others look at self-disciplined people, they see what they are giving up instead of what they are gaining. Those with high levels of dedication often pursue their dreams proactively rather than reactively. While they may not go out to lunch every day with their coworkers, they will take an international vacation with all the money they saved. Doing what you truly want to do is a sign of commitment and dedication to your goals.



You’re Not Motivated

If you generally lack motivation, chances are you lack self-discipline as well. Because commitment takes long-term thinking, it’s difficult to be motivated to do the small, mundane activities. If you have a difficult time during your daily grind, itcould be that you lack the commitment necessary to find motivation. Truly committed people will find the motivation they need to power through any activity.

You Don’t Hold Yourself Accountable

Finally, one of the biggest signs that you lack commitment is the inability to hold yourself accountable. Accountability applies to both productive and nonproductive action. Someone with little self-discipline may look for excuses as to why they were unable to meet their time commitments. However, committed people will be honest with themselves about their situation and actions. IQ Matrix highlights this by noting that it may take an outside source to hold you accountable until you get used to doing it yourself.

These five signs that you lack commitment could mean the difference between pursuing your life’s dream and living a mediocre existence. If you lack motivation, are continually late, and full of excuses, the chances are that you lack commitment. Having no self-discipline will lead to a life where you are constantly playing catch-up and never get ahead.

Mastering self-discipline and being truly committed to achieving your goals can lead you down a more rewarding path. It’s never too late to build new habits and changing your mindset. You too can have the commitment necessary to achieve greatness. It All Starts with You!

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