My name is Huma Arshad-Khaliq. I am a visual artist and a mother of a beautiful boy. I completed my Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2014. I have been practicing for 5 years now. My practice has always been in response to my surroundings inspired by different stories or incidents that take place in my life or around me. I work in a range of different mediums. During my studies I was awarded to be part of an exchange program, Art for social Change, to the U.S.A. My work has been displayed in galleries in Pakistan, the U.S.A and Manchester, including The Phillips Collection Washington DC in 2013, VM art gallery Karachi in 2014, Rohtas gallery Islamabad in 2014, National College of Arts Rawalpindi in 2014, non profit art organisation Venture Arts Manchester in 2015, Butterfly fine art Manchester in 2016 and People’s History Museum Manchester in 2016.


I actively participate in community art projects some of which include a mural for food justice in a farmers market Washington DC, the U.S.A in 2013 and an interactive art piece  for clean environment in Saidpur village Islamabad, Pakistan in 2014. I have also carried out workshops promoting the message of peace at international youth conference Islamabad, Pakistan in 2014. I was part of an art protest expressing my views about the political system in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2014. My recent works include the street art project 16 days of street art action, celebrating women empowerment in 2015,  Free Art Friday as part of the Wonder Woman Festival in Manchester in 2016 and recently took part in the Big Beautiful Egg Hunt supporting Cancer research UK in Lancaster in 2018.


I recently left my full time job to start my own small business making handmade contemporary art pieces. Although the decision to leave my job was scary and daunting, I took the plunge. I wanted to be able to do what I love and make something for myself. Although still in it’s early days, I feel very happy and satisfied with my decision and don’t regret it at all. I enjoy every minute I spend working, creating beautiful pieces that will become part of someone’s journey.


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