Hello, my name is Nicki Rodriguez and I am 43 years old and an entrepreneurial boss lady as we are now called from Brentwood in Essex. I have two children aged 16 and 8, my 8 year old being autistic. 

I run two businesses single handed, a PR company specialising in brands and businesses and also an interior design company. 

I have always been a go getter and after my second marriage ended in 2016, I decided embark on a career again after being a stay at home mum for 14 years. I have always had a knack for talking and fell into a PR assistant role from working voluntarily for an autism charity, Anna Kennedy Online. After 7 months of learning the ropes, I decided to set up my own company.

It has had many highs as well as lows and ex celebrity hairdresser and PR guru, Steven Smith has been a fantastic mentor to me and still is. With my PR company taking a few hit, due to personal bad choices, it is now running well so I decided to open an interior design business along with an organising your home service as I qualified as an Interior Designer in 2003. 

Running two totally different companies as well as having two children and a new partner certainly has its’ challenges but it gives me drive and satisfaction and I would not have it any other way!

From December 20187-July2018 I fell victim to a narcissistic, toxic man who nearly destroyed my life. I lost my home with my children as well as shutting down my business where I could no longer live with a mentally abusive coercive man. Despite being on the floor, I go back up and am 12 months on, in such a good happy place because I was determined he would not beat me. 
To add to the fact that I now have a happy home again, happy children and my businesses, I have also recently become involved with someone who sadly, also endured being in a toxic narcissistic relationship but he was the victim. We have both now found solace in each other so have had our happy ending by being pushed together through pain. Being friends whilst this was going on with us both has impacted on us now appreciating what it feels like to be treated as a person not a possession.
Being in a mentally and also physically abusive relationship is horrendous and the scars it leaves you are shocking but…. take things as a positive, you learn, you see the red flags going forward, you become stronger, but you never forget.

Instagram: @rrprmanagement
Website:     Www.rrprmanagement.co.uk

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