Rebecca Spelman is a freelance writer based in Ireland. At just 24 years old, Rebecca has already written ten books, produced a critically acclaimed play, and built a business that she’s incredibly proud of. Rebecca specialises in website content and blog posts, but her writing experience has covered everything from social media content to chatbot scripts. For Rebecca, becoming a freelance writer was a way of taking charge; she couldn’t find a career that suited her, so she created her own.

In 2017, Rebecca graduated from university with a B.A. in Theatre and English, but struggled to find a fulfilling career path that matched her skillset. She wanted a role that would allow her creativity to flourish without turning her into a “starving artist” stereotype. After a lot of research, Rebecca discovered freelance writing and saw how it could give her everything she wanted in a career- creativity, independence, and the chance to own her own business. Rebecca has now been freelancing for two years and in that time, she’s worked on incredible projects with clients all over the world.

One of Rebecca’s favourite things about freelancing is the flexibility it gives her. Not only can Rebecca create her own schedule, she can also choose projects that excite her. Rather than do the same thing every day, freelance writing means Rebecca has the chance to learn new things and explore new writing styles with every project. Travel, property, e-commerce, culture; you name it, Rebecca’s probably written about it. Freelance writing is a great opportunity to learn about things you’d never encounter in your day-to-day life. For Rebecca, it’s been the learning experience of a lifetime. 


If you’d like to read Rebecca’s work, make sure to check out her website:

You can also check out her social media below:





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