Recently on our vlog, we shared the subject, 5 Reasons WHY Men Cheat and we also wanted to share this topic on our website as well. Before we had an opportunity to share this episode, we had a few comments stating, “Oh my God, I can’t believe men cheat” or “men shouldn’t cheat on women it’s horrible.” First, we understand this topic is a very sensitive subject and we also understand that it’s a very necessary conversation. Keep in mind, our article is not giving men the GREEN LIGHT to cheat but just wanted to talk about the most popular reasons as to WHY men cheat.

Okay so let’s get started, shall we?

If you have a man, whether it’s a male companion or a husband, give them the benefit of the doubt. Trust them until they have shown signs of distrust. This doesn’t mean not to listen to your gut feeling. Notice and listen to all the relationship warning signs.

Sadly, a lot of women don’t trust a man based on past relationships and etc. but, they either fast forward the relationship to marriage or even getting pregnant. One thing that I want to point out about this, forced relationships and babies doesn’t fix a broken man.

Okay, okay, okay! Here are 5 Reasons Why Men Cheat!


Some men like the idea of having someone to come home to and all the dating shenanigans but some men don’t want to commit to an actual relationship with one person. Its almost wanting the benefits that a job has to offer but not really wanting to WORK to gain the benefits.


Believe it or not a lot of us, not just men have to a complex of wanting something that is “on the other side”.  It’s almost like kids and their toys. If someone gave a boy a new truck or car to play with, they would most likely discontinue to play with the trucks or cars that they played with before until they realize that the new truck or car is not any different than the toys that he had before. Girls are pretty much the same way with their dolls. Some men are drawn to the people that they know they least about. It’s not until after they have explored the other women that they realize in most cases that they are not any different than the person they had at home. In most cases, after they have ruined their current relationship to chase after someone, they knew nothing about.


Ladies, for some men when you interrogate a man about where he’s going and what he’s doing when he’s not with you, it’s almost like them ammunition for an empty gun. Most of us, as women have the preconceived notion that “all men cheat”, so most of us treat them like criminals before the relationship has a chance to get started.  Remember when you are constantly asking questions like, “are you cheating,” and checking his cell phone every other day, you are basically planting seeds and giving them ideas that they may not have ever considered. This is the most common reason that most women have difficulty being able to detect when men start their affairs because they are already being accused of it. There’s an old song that goes, “Don’t Push Me Cause I’m Close TO THE EDGE.” Take notes ladies don’t push a man to something he may not be capable of doing.

  • Some Men LEARN to cheat by watching others

Cheating can sometimes be a learned behavior. Some men may have seen their dad or other male relatives or a close friend cheat and just picked up these habits from others.  After completing our vlog, we didn’t consider this, but for some men, cheating is really not cheating for them because having a wife and a mistress is a tradition. The more you live, the more you learn.

  • PEACE of mind

A lot of women feel that men check for sex and other things related but ultimately, men just want to feel like a man. They don’t want to take the back seat to anything that goes on in the home and they want PEACE. They want to come to a place they can consider HOME. A home that is without confusion, unnecessary disagreements, and clutter-PEACE. A lot of times when we find out about the other woman, we don’t consider the other things that she may have offered outside of the bedroom, we just assume it’s all sexual.

Here’s a bonus reason as to why men cheat:

Sometimes men cheat because they have been cheated on, either in the current relationship or previous relationships.

Women, we are not off the hook yet. We will soon explore the reason women cheat. Until then remember it only takes 5 seconds to a better you!

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