I started out as blogger having been a nurse/midwife.  However, after having my babies and becoming a stay at home mother, I began to work more on my blogging and subsequently decided to launch it as a full media and entertainment company – now we run one of the most informative and high quality content  magazines – www.chubmagazine.com  
Also, founded Divas of Colour International women’s forum where we host events. www.divasofcolour.com 

Faustina can best be described as simple, humble and spirited, self-motivated achiever. The nurse midwife who has in the last four years unleashed her creative talent to change what you hear and read about African and Caribbean descents and the entire Black race. Faustina is an inspirational woman with a vision and passion to influence a positive identity for African heritage.

She is the co-founder of Faunteewrites publishing, the Co-founder and Chief editor of C. Hub magazine, founder of MBW PR, Co-founder & Chief editor of Pearl Woman magazine and also the founder of Divas of colour International women’s forum.

When Faustina arrived in UK, she quickly was moved to do something about the heavy negative media narrative about Africa, Black people and especially women of colour. She immediately began her first blog promoting the positive attributes and achievements of Black women. On discovering that so many Black women had small businesses and needed help with PR and branding. The blog was converted to a PR and branding agency, now MBW PR.

With her husband, Emeka Anyanwu , Faustina Co-founded C. Hub magazine in 2012, which is the first and only Afro-creative magazine in the UK, in just 4 years, C. Hub magazine has become one of the most powerful voices of Afro-Caribbean creativity in the UK and beyond. Has been generously awarded both in the UK and the US. And has a readership of over 200,000 per month. Within the C. Hub magazine brand, they have created the most prestigious award for Africans in the UK – CA award (Creativity Award) with audience of high rated personalities, and international celebrities.

In 2014, Faustina founded Divas of colour International women’s forum. The largest gathering of world’s most influential women of colour from around the globe. The forum which celebrates the best of women of colour is a whole day gathering includes activities such as conferences, fashion and trade shows, and award dinner. The platform every year focuses on issues affecting women, working closely with their chosen charity in raising awareness and funds.

I’m on twitter – @fauntee 
Please see my bio here – www.faunteebon.com/about

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