My name is Steffa Mantilla and I own Plantsonify, a business/blog that educates people on how to get out of personal debt and build wealth.
I’m an online wealth building and debt payoff strategist. Personal finance is my passion and I teach families how to save money, live a debt-free lifestyle, and build wealth.
After 12 years in the zookeeping profession, I became pregnant with my son. I had put off having a baby for years in order to build my career.  I refused to now miss out on my child’s life.  
I looked at my family’s finances, found ways to cut costs, and factored in all the extra expenses that occur when going to an office.  

It turns out, after factoring in daycare costs and other work expenses, our budget was only $500 a month short!  I made up the difference doing pet sitting.

The thing that allowed me to stay at home was that my husband and I were debt-free except for our mortgage. I had formulated a plan to pay off all our debt and I wanted to share this with others.

Currently, my husband and I paid off close to $80,000 in debt total and are still chugging away paying down the mortgage.I started my website to help others with the same financial dreams who need some guidance



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