Today we had the pleasure of interviewing Author Sarah Tyler about her recent book, Spaghetti Head which is available both on her website and on Amazon. Please take a moment to read our recent interview with Sarah as well as her bio below:

Sarah Tyley is a Self-Published Author, who, when not gardening for a living, is currently working on her second novel and hosting writing workshops in France. You can find her in Forbes (not that she wishes to name-drop or anything!) –

Sarah has an MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and has worked with farming communities in Africa and Asia.  She has also been a secretary at the Disney Studios in LA, a waitress in Hong Kong, has planted over 150,000 trees in Canada, and used to play tenor sax in a rock band. She is currently living in SW France, close to a herd of Aquitaine Blondes. A copy of her debut novel, Spaghetti Head, has top-spot on the bookshelf.

What does the title of your book mean?

All of us have times when our mind feels jumbled and it’s hard to think clearly. Spaghetti Head represents an image of those jumbled thoughts: all tangled around one another like a pile of cooked spaghetti.

What was your purpose of writing Spaghetti Head?

Therapy. I was at a point in my life where drastic changes were needed. It was a confusing and scary time and I was struggling to understand my thoughts and emotions. I sat down one afternoon with pencil and paper and drew how I was feeling.  I had drawn a tangled mess of lines to represent my emotional state (picture a heap of cooked spaghetti).  Underneath I drew orderly, straight lines, representing how calm I would like to feel (picture a packet of uncooked spaghetti).  As I looked at the drawing, I wondered how I could move from mess to orderly, and knew that I needed to write the story of that journey, both for myself and others.  I wanted people who struggle with a chaotic mind to know that they are not alone, and through fiction I wanted to share self-help ideas and techniques that could possibly help.

Tell us what the book is about and did you have a target audience in mind when writing the book?

Spaghetti Head is about Nell Greene’s journey of self-discovery as she learns to love herself and those around her. Nell, aged 35, has always struggled in her relationships due to the control her negative inner critic, SID, has had over her. Still single, Nell is being pressurized into starting a family – but, as SID regularly reminds her, she is incapable of trust and love.  Nell enrols at a therapy centre where she sets out on a journey to eliminate SID, learn to love herself and find the love she both needs and craves.

Women are Spaghetti Head’s target audience.  I do realise that is a broad range! For me it’s definitely women’s fiction, though I have had feedback from men who have read it and really enjoyed it – so that’s always a bonus!

After people read your book what do you want them to take away from the book? 

I’d like people to have been entertained whilst being inspired to think about their lives and how they interact with both themselves and others. I’d love it if they used some of the techniques from the self-help toolkit, and if they went off and crushed a corn-flake, well, that would be a dream come true!

Are you planning to write another book? 

Yes! I am currently working on the second draft of my gardening memoir: Two Hundred Roses. 

If there was anything that you can tell other women what would it be?

Never doubt yourself.  I think that if you have lost faith in yourself there’s a fair chance your inner-critic, or ego, is responsible.  Pay attention to what that voice is saying to you – if it isn’t positive and supportive then you don’t want it in your life. Be kind to yourself and know that you are loved.

If you’d like any further info regarding the above, just let me know.  Thanks so much for this and I look forward to being able to share the post on my social media.  

You can connect with Sarah on her facebook page @SarahTyleyAuthor and Twitter @sarah_tyley

Debut Novel, Spaghetti Head, available now at

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