My name is Lucy Wager and this year I will be 37, I’ve spent the whole of my 30s building my business, Pudology, and have (somehow!) also managed to fit in having two children who are now 3 years (Bella) & 10 months (Monty).  My love of food led me into a career in the food industry incorporated with my entrepreneurial flair led me to create myown business. It took something quite life changing to make me realise what this business should be, and for me it was all about turning something that could easily have been career devastating into an idea for a brand-new product to be launched into the market in 2012.

This is how it all began… 
I was suddenly diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten and dairy and I was told my life would be turned upside down. Because, let’s face it, almost everything contains dairy or gluten, if not both. I was not happy with simply accepting this fact and became adamant to not let this stop me eating all my favourite foods. I decided that rather than let my diagnosis turn my life upside down, I would just embrace it instead. Using my experience working as a product developer for Marks and Spencer, combined with my passion for creating foods that everyone could enjoy, Pudology was born.

One of my main aims for my puddings was to not let puddings lose their taste along with their gluten and dairy. These puddings were going to be irresistible and mouth-watering- regardless of their ingredients. I didn’t stop until I found the perfect recipe. By searching high and low for different ingredients Pudology was born!!

With the passion, drive and hard work of the team and I, we have been working to provide delicious treats to those who are forever having to turn down the cake at every party they go to. Whether you want it dairy free, egg free, nut free or gluten free, you’ll be able to find the pudfectpudding for you. 

We are proud to be on the shelves in major retailers like ASDA, Sainsburys, Booths and Co-op. Also, we can be purchased online at The Vegan Kind, Ocado and in Musclefood. We have also just gone live with our first major listing in Foodservice through Brakes.


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