Inspiring Vanessa is not your average 13-year-old girl. She is an international multi-award winning Motivational Speaker, Kid-preneur, YouTuber, Model and Author of two books – The 5 Secrets to Public Speaking Success, Vanessa’s Book of Quotes – Inspiration on the go! and an Audio book – the 12 keys to Success. Vanessa’s journey began when she was only 9 years old and became one of the youngest motivational speaker in the UK. Vanessa’s mission is to inspire children and adults around the world to believe in themselves and have the courage to be whoever they want to be. Her dream is to be on the Ellen Show, meet Ellen DeGeneres also help homeless people by creating a “Hotel for Homeless”. Vanessa has been trained and mentored by several top International Speakers and has shared the stage with the likes of Jairek Robbins, Eric Thomas, Eric Ho, Caleb Maddix, Andy Winson and Douglas Vermeeren speaking in front of thousands of people around the word. Also been interviewed on London Live TV, BEBB Online TV and Chrissy Show on Sky TV,  appeared in Stylist magazine, The Voice newspaper and many other magazines in U.K., USA, Canada and Australia . Past two years she was hosting London’s Kids Fashion Show, Croydon has Talent, attended Screen Nation Awards as guest presenter and interviewed on the red carpet ar WE DAY. If you are looking for an inspiring, refreshing and powerful speaker then Vanessa is guaranteed to make a big impact. Vanessa lives for personal development and has more charisma and wisdom that most adult speakers out there! Vanessa’s signature topics include: Mindset; Inspiration; Motivation; Love and Fear, Taking Action and Self-Belief. She has now been helping children with Confidence Coaching .

Favourite quote – made by Inspiring Vanessa 

“life is like a flower, so try and keep those petals on” – it means that each petal represents stages of our lives, once we were a child and that petal falls of you can’t take that time back again, so use your time wisely. 

Inspiring Vanessa 
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