Ways to Avoid Arguments and Fights

When you really stop to think about it, who really has time for confrontation? If you really think about your daily schedule, like serious who really has time to argue and fight? Not Me! In reference to fights, there’s an old saying that you have to pick your battles wisely. One of the main reasons that you want to avoid petty confrontations is because it causes unnecessary stress. Here are simple tips to avoid fights and arguments.

Know your purpose

When you remember who you are and why you exist in life you realize that you don’t have time for any foolishness. The funny thing is about arguments and fights is when we realize our ultimate goal in life, you realize that most of the people that we spend time having disagreements with is irrelevant to our lives and our goals. Family members are not excluded from the equation.

Be Nice to Everyone

Because most of us tend to have many different interactions with a lot of people, we never know what other people’s life experience may be. People say never judge a book by its cover, but sadly we all tend to judge everyone by our first encounter. Most of never stop to think that some people are argumentative because they could be experiencing a rough patch in their life. One thing to remember when dealing with a person that is an expert on disagreements is most of them are expert on arguments and they love to find ways to bring you to their level. Rather than argue with them just remember to be nice to them at all cost. Don’t waste your breath or energy.

Ignore Ignorance

Remember to pick your battles wisely. This sounds more like a cliché’ but it’s true IGNORE IGNORE. Remember everyone doesn’t deserve your time and everyone doesn’t deserve your time. Just keep in mind that hurt people hurt people and misery loves company. Know your worth and realize that simple fights are beneath you.

Don’t Interrupt

Believe it or not, fights start when people are not able to finish their thoughts while attempting to speak. Do yourself a favor and allow these types of people the opportunity to finish their sentences and their thoughts. Don’t interrupt.

One thing that most of us forget about disagreements is they don’t have to destroy relationships and they don’t have to last forever. Remember that it doesn’t matter how the argument started, it’s just matters that you put all disagreements to bed before you go to bed so you will be able to rest well knowing that you have put all pettiness behind you. Agree to disagree and move on!

Hope these tips help! It only takes five seconds to be a better you!

Our “INSPIRATIONAL” pieces are written by the Founder of Women With Gifts, LaNette. Please take a moment to check out her website at lanettekincaid.com


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