The funny thing about life is it never gives you any type of warning signs. The only certainty that you have about life is death. We all at some point we are going to die, but what about the things in the middle? The middle being what happens between point A and point B. The middle meaning what happens between our birth and our death?

What happens between those times of when you were born and when you die? Tests after tests and trial after trial. Obviously we all have planned for our lives and of course, those plans sound super amazing. Until we get pregnant at an early age. Until we drop out of college for the fourth or fifth time. Until the foreclosure happens. Until the only car you have broken down and that’s not an excuse not to miss work. Oh, yea until you get fired and you’re the breadwinner of your home. Life happens! Situations happen! Since most of the things we experience in life are so out of our control, you have to stay strong and remember that it’s only a TEST-a test that will make you stronger.

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