A little about myself

My name is Roni Bandong and I opened my business, RoniB’s Kitchen.
I’m from the Philippines who came to the UK in 2002. By education, I am a marine zoologist but didn’t practice being a scientist. For over 30 years, I’ve been working in sales and marketing for various companies, with my last 11 years in the language services industry for conference and events. I left full time work in May this year to work for myself. Quite a daunting task, I must say.
Since I was a little girl, I love cooking but I learned to bake first at the age of 12. Most of all, I enjoy eating delicious food. Moving to the UK was a challenge, a big life changer for me. Over the years, I’ve learned to adapt and create relationships with people. Forming these relationships leads to dinner parties and many a crazy ideas. 
The year was about 2011, I was with my fellow alumni and we got talking about the minimal, or non-existence of Philippine cuisine in London. We all lamented this fact because we love our food and yet it isn’t recognized. Then the supper club and pop up restaurant craze started. A friend and co-alumnus and myself started a little supper club to see people’s reception of Philippine food.
In 2016, I was contacted to join a cook off on Kristie Allsopp’s Handmade Christmas. They were looking for alternative Christmas dinner fare. My Chicken Relleno with adobo sauce, roast potatoes and parmesan topped charred little gem lettuce won. This was the starting point of RoniB’s Kitchen.
I though to myself that if people can cook Philippine food at home, recognition and familiarity of the cuisine will naturally come. I toyed with the idea of bottling our cooking sauces and make it easy to cook with, yet packed with traditional flavours. I had to research not only about making the product but from legal requirements to talking to food technologists, packaging, labelling and the list goes on. After about 4 months, my flagship product, Adobo Sauce was born in my kitchen.
We are still small. We are still looking for distributors, shop owners who would stock our products. We still hand make them in small batches but we are now looking to working with a manufacturer who can automate the production as we concentrate in creating our distribution channels.
We now have 6 products. We currently sell them through Amazon UK, German, France, Italy and Spain. We are with Fine Food Angel and a few independent shops near our area.
This year, I decided to enter one of my products, Black Bean Chilli Oil into the Guild of Fine Food, Great Taste Awards. On 1st August the results were announced and I was delighted to learn that, at my first attempt, I had been awarded a Great Taste Star, recognizing how delicious the product is.
Twitter: @ronibkitchen
Facebook: @ronibkitchen
Instagram:  @ronib_kitchen

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