Hello, my name is Genesis Joyner .

I grew up somewhere in between beliefs. Kind of a super religious atheist with polytheistic views. This caused me a lot of pain. I never quite felt I belonged. Somewhere inside I knew there was a God but I didn’t understand His connection to me. This caused deep issues, sabotaging choice making to get His attention, and great depressive bouts that could hurt me or others. 

Like most people I went to churches and talked to people, but they never seemed to have the answers that I was seeking. When I would go into the tabernacle the teachings didn’t match the behaviors. We preached love but didn’t show it. When I looked for God for myself it seemed I found him but when I questioned the behaviors that didn’t line up with what God was teaching me I was condemned. Why would God teach me that the preacher was wrong? This was again playing into my previous abuse issues and made me feel desperately alone. 

I finally began to realize that the reason that God began to speak with me and point these things out was because He (meaning God) was tired of being lied on. I mean that’s what He meant when He said “Do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain” Because of the lies that were/are being told people were/are perishing right there in the churches and outside as well. I now tell the truth straight  no chaser because I want the Gospel of The Kingdom to reach the entire planet in Spirit and in Truth! 

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