Hi, I’m Jo and my candle making business was born on my kitchen table 7 years ago.
Out of a desire to remain eco and sustainable I began filling empty candle jars. Soon friends and family asked how to make their own candles and so the beginners candle making workshop was created. A year later attendees wanted more so I developed the Advanced candle making workshop where you come and create and make candles for the entire day making around 7 items.
It didn’t take long to hear that attendees were considering leaving their corporate jobs for a life in candle making and a lot more people started asking how I did it.
So I just launched ‘Ignite Your Creativity’ – Build your business from your kitchen table in 3 months. An online training platform condensing my 7 years of candle making alongside business hacks, tips and endless abundance of information.
I took the business out of my kitchen and into a Studio almost 2 years ago and have now seen over 200 attendees come and learn new skills of candle making from ages 11 – 80 ‘you are never too old to learn, or young to teach’
I also create Private Label Candles for Corporate gifting for luxury hotels in London and across Scotland.
I sell to a small collection of retail stores.
The business has now taken me to Downing Street twice and The House of Lords multiple times.
What I would say is “just start” whatever it is you are thinking of doing and wherever you are. People spend too long trying to perfect what It is before they risk launching.  ‘Ready – Fire – Aim’ readjust as you go along because your idea will develop anyway. Go for it!

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