Hello, My name is Sarah Tyley and I grew up on a dairy farm in Somerset and had the most fantastic childhood, during which I developed an unwavering love for cows.  I would have to be biased towards Friesians, but really, any cow will do.  And the funny things is, that in my adult years, I have traveled, lived and worked overseas for most of it – and 90% of the time I have found myself never very far from a herd of cows.

I have written a diary since I was twelve, and some years ago I thought to myself ‘hey, that must mean I’m a writer’ – and so I embarked on short stories.  I never quite got the hang of those, but drew a picture of a jumbled pile of spaghetti one day, that I felt represented my thoughts and emotions at that time – and the seed was sewn for the idea of a novel.  In 2006, I took the month of November off work, dusted down my office desk and signed up for Nanowrimo.  30 days later I had written 90,000 words, and the first draft for what has become Spaghetti Head.

Here’s a bit about the Spaghetti Head:
Can Nell Greene eliminate her inner critic and finally find love? Could life be that simple?‘I loved taking a break from reality and jumping into Sarah’s world. There were so many unique and fantastic details throughout the story’. Home Sweet Houser‘I am just so excited to talk about this book! It is a passionate and delicate, yet truly heart-tugging way of conveying mental health and its impact – an adventurous and brutally brave debut novel’. Books Beyond the Story‘This is a really well-written, entertaining and thought-provoking read’. Bookshine and ReadbowsSarah Tyley’s thought-provoking and uplifting debut novel take a look at womanhood, environmental devastation and the impact of technological advances on our freedom, relationships, and mental health. It’s certainly not your average self-help romantic comedy fiction!

I currently live in France and spend my between gardening, writing and playing tennis.

Here are some other pieces that Sarah has written:

You can connect with Sarah on her facebook page @SarahTyleyAuthor and Twitter @sarah_tyley or visit her website

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