Recently on our Periscope episode, we shared 5 Ways To Decrease Depression or Sadness and we wanted to also share this information with you on our website. This article was also featured on Blaif Magazine and is titled, Healthy Ways of Dealing With Sadness please take a moment to take a read on their website or read it below.

Most of us have had our moments where we didn’t want to get out of bed. No motivation and nothing to give us that ump to make us want to get up and do something. The moments where we didn’t want to party or go on dates or even talk on the telephone to our friends. Some of these things mentioned may relate to being sad or just general sadness.

Here are quick and simple ways to deal with sadness:

Talk to Someone

Most of us tend to bottle up our emotions and bury them deep inside but honestly, the only way to decrease your moments of sadness is to talk to someone. It’s better to talk to a therapist because most therapists are able to stir you back in the right direction and they are less likely to judge you or your situation. Talking to friends and family is good too but just beware that friends and family sometimes tend to give you the WRONG advice. The wrong advice can sometimes make matters worse off than before. One positive way I feel about talking to a therapist is it’s similar to unpacking bags and letting go of that baggage.


Don’t stop writing! Believe or not, your best thoughts come to mind when you’re sad or mad. So just keep writing. For those of you that may say I don’t like writing or I can’t write, consider joining others who love to write. For some strange reason writers, bloggers and authors are super supportive and meeting new people will sometime keep you from being sad.


Listen to music… Then after you’ve listened to music, get up and dance. Always try to listen to music that is upbeat that will help cheer you up. Not the sad and solemn love type songs that will probably make you cry.

Surround Yourself With Happy People

Remember the more you remain in solitude the sadder you may become. Get out and socialize but make sure you are hanging out with positive upbeat people.

Go to Work or Volunteer

Don’t call out sick. When you’re sad that’s all the more reason you should clock in and out. You need to surround yourself with people while you’re in your funk. The more you stay busy the more your mind will appreciate you.

Here’s something you should know about sadness. You don’t need a reason to justify your sadness just live in that moment.  Sadness is connected to and stems from a lot of reasons that we never stop and think about. Sometimes sadness comes from having deaths in the family, trauma, life circumstances, and the list could go on and on. Remember in your moments of being sad know that it’s okay and you will grow past it.

Hope these tips help! Let’s all be HAPPY !

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