hhHi, I’m Christine Frith and I run Hour Hands, offering tailored support to busy people in work and at home.
Having experienced first-hand the pressures of balancing a successful career in finance marketing and a hectic home life (3 small boys and a house under renovation), I realized there was a need for services that give busy people more time. In fact, there were many times when I would have done anything for someone to just come and do jobs for me. Nothing major but things like making necessary phone calls without toddlers screaming in the background, running errands, making bookings – the day-to-day stuff that just takes decades to do with small kids in tow. So I set up Hour Hands in 2015 to offer life admin and home improvement services, as well as support services for small businesses. In Germany, where I’m from, people are very willing to outsource tasks to save them time, so I thought I could bring a bit of that to the UK.
I’ve now developed the business into a team of 8 women working flexibly around personal commitments. Some of us have children, from newborns up to teenagers, and others are studying, so the varied nature of the work suits us all perfectly. We all have different qualifications and areas of expertise, and everyone brings something unique to the team.
Our Business Support services are designed to be fully flexible and support clients where they need it most. From bookkeeping to PowerPoint presentations to recruitment, and all manner of tasks in between, we can lighten their to-do list and free up valuable time while also saving them money.
Clients can choose a specific service or a combination to suit their needs – whatever works best for them, even if it’s just an hour a month. And because they only pay for what they need, they avoid the ongoing costs of employing staff, such as national insurance, pensions, training, and other overheads.
Our Home PA services help clients deal with all the admin tasks at home that can mount up. Whether they want to book a trip, switch energy provider, organize a party or create a photobook from their holiday snaps, we can help. People often feel that they should be able to handle all this themselves but in reality, there just isn’t enough time. By taking on these tasks, we help people to find more time to do the things in life they enjoy.
Finally, our Home Improvement services take care of all those practical tasks around the home that always need doing. We can help with a full house sale and move, including decluttering, home staging, packing and unpacking. Or we can just do individual jobs such as a wardrobe detox, call an emergency plumber or sort out a manageable home filing system. We’re also proud to be accredited by APDO (the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers).
Feedback from our clients shows that they find the service incredibly helpful, and we love being able to find solutions for people who are struggling to do it all themselves. Our practical work tends to be more local but our business and home admin clients can be all over the country or international, and we’ve been featured in national newspapers and radio. I feel that we can call ourselves a successful brand now, and I can’t wait to see where the journey takes us!
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LinkedIn: Christine Frith
Facebook: @hourhands
Twitter: @HourHandsUK

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