Simple Hacks to Survive the Summer

Hacks to Keep Cool

Beauty Products: Chilling some beauty products will cool you down when you apply them, and as a bonus, will extend the life of some especially in extremely hot or humid areas. I keep my lotions, face toners, aloe gels, moisturizers, and eye creams in the fridge. 

Creating a Spa: Hot and bothered? Create a home spa a spa by tying a eucalyptus branch around the shower head. Its aroma will soothe and relax you, and you’ll feel as fresh as ever in no time.

How to use your hot water bottle: When the heat has you tossing and turning, place a hot water bottle filled with ice water under your ankles or knees. It will cool your entire body.


Useful Random Tips

Beachside Disguise: Recycle your old shampoo or lotion bottles as a hidden compartment. When heading for the beach, clean out an old shampoo or lotion bottle: it can carry your keys, credit cards, or cash in plain site in your bag. Clean the empty bottle, cut a hole at the top large enough for your items to fit thru, fill it, and snap the lid back on. 

Creative Ice packs: I usually buy a 4 pack of sponges for this. Wet each sponge, and place them individually into their own Ziplock bag. You can use them in lunchboxes, or where ever an ice pack is needed. (Also great for kids when they get bumps or bruises). As the water/sponge begins to melt, the sponge will absorb it leaving your lunch fresh and crisp. Best part is, it can be refrozen so you can have a cool and fresh summer.

Muffin Trays: Your typical muffin tray is six openings. These compartments are perfect for keeping your condiments for your BBQ without having to carry all the jars and bottles. Load each one up and you have a great condiment bar for the table. I put in Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, Relish, BBQ Sauce and Steak Sauce. 

Garden Markers: This on is just for looks. I also use this idea as they are easier to find than smaller plant markers. Head to the dollar store and buy the 12” wooden spoons. Permanent Marker their name right on spoon.

Strawberries: Making Strawberry Shortcake? Make this task 1-2-3. Take a simple straw and push through the strawberry from the bottom to top. The core and all leaves will pop right off.

Aloe Vera: No matter how careful you are in the sun; everyone gets burned at some point. The good news, there is any easy, soothing fix for this. Pour the pure Aloe Vera juice (can be found in most drugstores) into your ice cube tray. Once it is frozen, it will be ready to use to soothe that sun burn.

Pool Time: This one is my favorite. When my kids were younger, and had their kiddy pools, I would purchase the no slip pads you use for the shower and place them around the bottom of the pool before filling. No slipping in the pool on my watch!


Keeping the Camp Fire or Grill Burning

Keep it clean: When grilling this summer, remember that onions are more than a great addition to your kebabs. It can also help keep the grill clean. Rub onion halves over the hot grates to loosen food residue. It helps save time from having to scrape and scrub the grate with your grill brush.

Fire Starter: Can’t find the lighter fluid to start that grill or campfire? Head to your snack pantry and find that bag of Doritos or other chips. Not only will they stop your snack attack, these treats can feed a growing fire.


Pest Hacks

Flies: Even an impeccably planned alfresco dining experience can go awry when flies land on the main course. Give the pesky intruders the boot with a dynamic duo of fruits and spices. Half an hour before serving time, adorn the table with bowls of lemon halves topped with cloves to ensure a pest-proof party.

Ants: I have yet to live in a home that didn’t see ants come the summer time. I found a great way to keep them off my counters and food areas. You can even mop the floor with this, walls, and so many other surfaces. I mix water and apple cider vinegar. The ratio is equal amounts of each.

Your Itchy Pet It’s an unfortunate truth that during the summer months your pets will pick up pests that bite (and most likely bring them into the home). For a safer all-natural repellant simply mix: 

Sliced Lemon

2 cups water

2 sprigs fresh lavender

Boil for at least 30 minutes and strain when finished. You just want to keep the liquid. Once cooled add 2 tablespoon witch hazel (Alcohol-free of course). Put into a spray bottle and use on your pets’ fur before they head outside.

Homemade Fly Traps: Winged pests are always a nuisance and I have a dislike for those pesky sticky fly traps that hang. I always seem to bump into them. I create my own sticky trap. Mix equal parts water and corn syrup in a saucepan and heat until it reaches a boil. You can brush it on bright colored paper, or popsicle sticks.

Coffee Grounds: Sprinkle some grounds near doorways. Coffee’s high nitrogen content burns bugs, so they won’t walk across it and into your home.

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