emma-watkinson (1)Emma Watkinson co-founded Silkfred in 2011 as a platform for independent fashion brands to reach an audience that loves what they create. The inspiration came from her friend (and now co-founder), who had asked for some advice on how to increase the sales of a fashion brand his friend had invested in. From there, they discovered an opportunity to take independent brands to market in a new way.

Emma felt there was a gap for boutique style brands at affordable prices, helping everyday women like her discover exciting fashion that you couldn’t get on the high street. She felt passionate about creating a business that put customers front and centre, engaging with customers every day, bringing those conversations to life and using those conversations to build an entirely customer-centric brand.

 SilkFred is a platform for the best independent fashion brands to sell their products online and for shoppers who love cool, unique clothes to discover them. We cut through the noise of online shopping and provide a central destination for you to find affordable pieces that your friends won’t have (and will love!).

Silkfred now acts as a fashion ecosystem with an end to end solution for brands; spanning photography, marketing, and logistics. The e-commerce site acts as a destination for customers to discover and shop designer styles at affordable prices.


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