Jen Munson-Montanez founded Just Because Treats to honor her Latin roots and treasured memories from her childhood by bringing delicious, indulgent South American flavors to British food lovers.

She felt in love with food as early as 7 years old, thanks to her grandmother who usually left her steal the bowl with cake batter or let her helped her with the baking.

But above everything, it was when she realized how food brings people together and creates the greatest memories. She comes from a very humble family, although money wasn’t freely available, food became their family currency and the means to build memories and strengthen relationships no matter the distance.

Since leaving Venezuela at the age of 25, Jen and her recipes have traveled all around the world, eventually settling in England which she now calls home.

Jen launched her boutique business after working with several multinationals. “I love the agility one has as a small business owner to implement, test and optimize things, whilst understanding what works and what doesn’t”.

Just Because Treats was launched in 2018 and since then Jen has been busy introducing her artisan alfajores (melt-in-the-mouth, naturally gluten-free biscuits) and other South American treats to the people of Surrey and beyond.

If you’re lucky, you may find her unique sweet treats in selected local independent cafés, and Jen can regularly be found at farmers’ markets, including Ripley, Cobham and Walton-on-Thames, and food festivals around Surrey and London.

“Most of our treats have a story, either by the way, they’re made or ingredients used… although it is likely you’ll catch me also explaining how or where we used to eat them back home 🙂 – Those short tellings have become a conversation starter at our customer’s gatherings.”

“I love when they email me or catch-up at the stall to say how they proudly explained to their guests what were the alfajores they had received as a gift/enjoyed for dessert or whether the sweetcorn cheesecake was savory or sweet!”

Wherever possible, her naturally gluten-free products, are often made using local ingredients from fellow farmers’ markets stallholders.

Her alfajores flavors currently include the original Dulce de Leche, Hazelnut Ganache & Pistachio, Lemon & Lime, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Raspberry & White Chocolate Buttercream, Salted Caramel, and Piña Colada, but Jen is always working on new products.

Just Because Treats indulgent alfajores are perfect for weddings, family occasions, employee perks and events, and Jen has a range of offers available for anyone looking to treat their guests.

Indulgent South-American Treats


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