Irina Georgieva, 27, University of Buckingham graduate, and a co-founder and CEO of Enterprise League, a B2B platform for SMEs.

I am a Business and Management graduate from University of Buckingham in Buckinghamshire, England with a masters degree in Service Economy. After a few years of working as a business development manager in a couple SMEs first in the telecom niche and then in biofuel industry, in April 2018, I along with my now business partner decided to create the B2B platform Enterprise League to bring SMEs equal growth opportunities and give them the spotlight as opposed to big corporations.

The primary aim of the platform is to enable businesses to quickly find and get in touch with the firms they want to do business with.

During my years as a student and as I was growing up with a father entrepreneur, I was always aspiring to start my own business, and at university I had the chance to study entrepreneurship and develop my research skill which opened my eyes to the many opportunities and issues that are waiting to be solved.

I was inspired to start Enterprise League as I was facing several issues in my previous job, particularly related to finding new business opportunities and service providers for our requirements.

After researching the issues SMEs face, and concluding that 86% have difficulty generating new business and getting deals, I created Enterprise League to facilitate the search and initial contact between them. Enterprise League’s mission is to empower SMEs to grow by enabling them to find new business opportunities quickly and easily.
I firmly believe in the importance and power of the free market for economic and social development, that brings people together and helps them become financially independent. Thus as a woman, I wanted to create a place where every business owner can go to to find firms to work with, that can help their business grow, expand, diversify and so on.
In a time when women are making their voices hear more than ever and increasingly taking part of male dominated industries, Enterprise League is a platform that aims to help everyone equally, regardless of age, gender, race and identity.
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