Recent we had the opportunity to feature Naa Harper the founder of Mommies Unplugged and this week we wanted to dive into her recent book. We were thrilled when received, Living Your Dreams A Woman’s Guide to Fulfilling Her Destiny in the mail recently and we are even more excited that we will soon interview Naa Harper and get all of the secrets about living your dreams, being the person that you were designed to be and moving closer to God.

Here’s how Naa described her book:

Are you ready to move forward and follow your dreams? Is it now time for you to live with no regrets? If the answer is “yes”, then Naa Harper will help you move closer to God and your dreams. After spending many years feeling unfulfilled, she finally realized it was up to her to follow her dreams. For years she wrestled with fear, self-doubt and talking herself out of her dreams. But soon she learned that without putting her own faith to work her dreams would never come true. It was a hard lesson for her to learn. But once she forgave herself, stopped making excuses, and blaming others, her dreams became more possible. This book is a reminder for all women that dreams do come true and can be happily lived. In this book you will:

  • Be inspired to help others live out their dreams
  • Discover a plan for activating your dreams
  • Live your dreams unapologetically

Join Naa Harper on a journey as she shows you how to go from thinking about your dreams to making them a reality.


We will interview Naa Harper on our Periscope channel on July 13,2019 at 11 MST. {Save the Date}


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