Recently on our Periscope episode, we shared  5 Ways to Tell You’re In A Bad Relationship: Knowing The Red Flags and we wanted to also share this information with you on our website. This article was also featured on Blaif Magazine and is titled, Red Flags of a Bad Relationship please take a moment to take a read on their website or read it below.

5 Ways to Tell If You’re In A Bad Relationship| Knowing The Red Flags of a Bad Relationship 

If we could be honest, most of us are looking for love or we already have love according to the fairytale picture that we’ve painted in our minds. In our minds, we’ve accepted the fact that the golden relationship that we’re currently in is the absolute best and we have found the man or woman of our dreams. In my younger days, I remember making a promise to myself that I would never date anyone named Kelvin, Willie or anyone with similar names. Literally, that was my process of elimination to weed out what I considered the bad ones. Since times have changed and people have changed, no one should ever eliminate a potential date based on their name. Silly me! What was I thinking back then? My goal with giving tips on how to tell you’re in a bad relationship is not to deter anyone from looking for love but only to BE AWARE of the red flags of a bad relationship. Of course, when it comes to a relationship, there are so many signs so if you notice other red flags that I didn’t mention—please act on them!

  • Very Limited or Weird Phone and  Visitation Times

We don’t want to start out the relationship trying to be a private investigator but we do want to be very aware of the times that our potential mate calls and visits us. For example, if they only call or suggest visits during a certain time every time, this could implicate that they are already in a relationship or maybe even a marriage. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the times that they are not with you. Are they in school? Do they work a second job? What’s going on when they are not with you? You do need to investigate. Finding out about another person is not something you want to find out after you have put your heart and soul into this marriage.

  • Always on the go or always planning trips

Again, we don’t want to assume, but we want to make sure that our Mr. Right or Mrs. Right is really the person for us. If they are always planning trips and the trips are not for work or school, they could have another family in another city and state. These are things that we need to know beforehand. Better sooner than later. This could also mean that he is in another relationship or marriage. I’m just saying!If the person is right for you and you believe that you are right for them, they will most likely invite you along for the travel.

  • No Drive or Determination

Sometimes when we want love so bad, we forget about our goals and ambitions. Once we enter a relationship, we sometimes lose ourselves in love that we don’t ever notice that the person we are madly in love with doesn’t have a job or doesn’t plan on getting one. You’re busting your butt off working and going to college while they sit at home playing video games. This is a true RED FLAG and your future could be wrecked by this sign. Don’t ignore this writing on the wall!

  • Always Dependent on MOM/or Parents

Don’t get this step misunderstood. We want mates that respect their mom or their parents but we don’t want them to be still dependent on their parents. Sadly, if they are dependent on their mom now you will only replace his mother if you join him or her in this relationship. They will then start to depend on you for everything. Don’t mistake these actions as a person loving their mom. Take a closer look and you might notice that they are financially dependent on their mom or parents.

  • Never Able To Visit Where He Lives

As women, a lot of us tend to overlook when someone tells us that they can’t have guest over. I think I’ve heard all types of excuses and I wanted to share these excuses with you. So you will remember my tips when you hear the lies.

“The person I live with don’t want strangers over.”

“The person I live with have tons of allergies and they don’t want people over at the moment.”

“My house or apartment is being renovated”

“I’m not allowed to have guest over my roommates would kill me.”

“I’m embarrassed to have you over because I don’t have furniture.”

 Normally, I only give out 5 tips, but I wanted to give you all a bonus tip.

If a person is very secretive about everything within the relationship, trust and believe he or she has a reason for the secrecy.  Watch out if a person is glued to their cell phone or has it on vibrate all the time. This could mean they are expecting a call or text from someone else. On the flip side, think about what happens if you call—their phone will also be on vibrate! Sad but true.

Hope these tips help! Happy relationship hunting!

If you haven’t watched our recent episode about this topic, please take a moment and WATCH NOW!

What are some of your relationship pet peeves?




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