Daniela Pisciottano, Blaif Magazine Editor in Chief

I am a Creative Writing & Journalism graduate from Middlesex University in London; after a few years working as a feature writer for the Arts, Lifestyle and Fashion niches, in May 2019, I launched the women-led digital publication Blaif Magazine.

The primary aim of the publication is to produce weekly fresh and engaging content for our readers while giving myself and other women the opportunity to work in a safe, relaxed environment.

During my years as a student, I have always been intrigued by the idea of starting my own business but I never had the tools to do so. In my senior year in university, however, I had a chance to study the basics of entrepreneurship, something that opened my eyes to the many avenues available to journalists and writers.

It was in fact after a few months of studying the market and planning a strategy that I launched Blaif Magazine. I strongly believe in the power of digital publications to bring together people from all over the world and, as a woman, I wanted to combine this sense of union and community with the support only women can give each other. In such a crucial moment in history, women are making their voices heard now more than ever and, while Blaif Magazine doesn’t take any political stand, I am proud to say our content is created by Women for everyone else to enjoy, regardless of their age, gender, race, and identity. Men, women, young, less young, fashionistas or art fanatics, everyone is our reader!

We only launched a month ago so please help us grow. Share this article or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

Daniela Pisciottano

Blaif Magazine, Editor in chief

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