One of a Style
Hi, I’m Stefania Bartolomei, personal stylist and founder of One of a Style (
I’m Italian-born but London based. I come from Tuscany, and I lived there for 32 years, between Piombino, Siena, and Florence, surrounded by natural and artistic wonders.
Italy is famous for many things, amongst which Fashion!
In the 90ies, when I was a kid, Italian fashion was at its highest levels, with big names like Armani, Versace, Gucci, Valentino ruling the scenes. I dreamed of being part, one day, of that world made of colors, shapes, creativity, and beauty.
So, when I was 18, I decided to embrace Fashion, going to study at the University of Fashion in Florence – and, afterwards, I worked for over 10 years in the fashion industry, mainly as a fashion designer and product developer, having also international experiences.
The fashion world is very complicated, though; most of the time people are judged for what they wear, what they look, even what they eat, rather than what they do, and as much as I loved working in fashion, after a while I started feeling uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure to fit in it anymore.
I started thinking about working alongside customers instead, as I loved giving people advice on their total look and their shopping, as a hobby, and with time I discovered I could make a real profession out of it.
So, while still working as an employee in a fashion company, I enrolled in a first course in Personal Fashion Styling at the London College of Fashion, where I learned the principles of this profession.
Eventually, in 2015, I decided to give a twist to my life: I moved to London, where my new great adventure has begun.
It’s not been an easy journey, at the beginning I didn’t know anybody in London, and I had no idea how to run a business. I’ve certainly made many mistakes, but I’ve always learned from them, growing personally and professionally (and, in my opinion, we never really stop learning!).
I started setting up my website and services and, after a while, thanks to networking and many other activities, I started having paying clients that made me grow and establish in the UK Market as Personal Stylist.
In the meantime, I’ve also become a mom! Definitely the greatest adventure of all, but also the biggest challenge as a business woman! I had many discouraging moments, but in the end, I ended up strengthen as was even more convinced of how much I love my job!
So far, I’ve helped many clients in London, across the UK and abroad, to look and feel great, achieving personal and professional goals thanks to their styling session. The most rewarding thing is receiving a client’s message or review saying their styling session has been a life changing experience!
I believe that my Italian origin, my background in fashion and my positive yet professional attitude, are a winning mix that makes me unique in the UK Panorama.

And I, as a businesswoman and mother, feel today fulfilled and satisfied about my life, like never before.

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