5 Key Characteristics of People Who Rise to The Top 

While there are vast differences among those considered the most highly successful in each of their fields, there are at least five key characteristics that each and every one of them possesses and has in common. 

These five characteristics contributed greatly to their achievement of success, allowing them to rise to the top and prove themselves as more than capable. 

1) Optimism

Optimism is a crucial part of success and happiness. To some, that may sound like nonsense, but I assure you, it’s true. Your mind is a powerful thing; it can cause you to fail when you’re focused on failing, but it can also help you succeed when you’re focused on success. 

When you think to yourself that you’re going to fail in an endeavor, you’re convincing yourself that failure is inevitable, eventually leading to your failure. When you’re focused on your success, you’re less likely to fail. 

Optimism can always get you farther than pessimism, both in your work life and your personal life. Stay optimistic and open to new ideas and you’ll go far.

2) Self-Control

While this is one of the hardest steps to master, it’s also one of the most crucial. In order to achieve success, you have to practice self-control, self-discipline, and patience. You have to be able to control impulses, emotions, urges, etc. to prove yourself to be a true leader and qualified professional. 

You have to dedicate yourself to your success in order to achieve it and that dedication takes a remarkable amount of self-control. 

3) Creativity

People often mistakenly think that because they aren’t in a more creative line of work that they don’t have or access their creativity; this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

You access your creativity every single day of your job, regardless of the industry. Every time you find a creative solution to a particularly difficult problem, find a new way to approach a situation, and every time come up with a better way to connect with new coworkers, you’re accessing your creativity.

Creativity plays an essential role in your ultimate success. You have to think of new and creative ways to work better and more efficiently, creative ways to stand out and bring something new to the table, and creative ways to get ahead of the competition.

4) Emotional Awareness

A crucial part of achieving success is understanding the appropriate times to allow your emotions to be on display and the times to have them in check. This makes emotional awareness an integral characteristic for those who rise to the top in their careers.

Emotions can definitely get in the way of your professional success if you just let them go rogue. You have to be aware of the emotions you’re feeling, whether or not it’s appropriate to express them, and the most appropriate way to express them. Emotional awareness will help you to better identify these times. 

Emotional awareness also allows you to be better in tune with yourself and others. It’ll help you know when your feelings are valid and you need to stand up for yourself or someone else, or when they need to be subdued and dealt with in a more appropriate time and setting.

5) Resilience

Resilience is one of the most useful characteristics a successful person can possess. The world of business is cruel and unforgiving; you have to be tough and resilient to achieve success within it. 

While resilience does mean that you’re able to withstand the punches when they come, it also means you’re able to appropriately handle failure; you aren’t so easily defeated. When someone who is resilient fails, they immediately try to exploit their error and find a new and better way to approach the issue to prevent another failure.

Resilience is a crucial and important characteristic of those who achieve success.


While everyone who achieves success is different, there are five key traits that ring true of them all. These traits all work together to help drive your success and keep you from backing down and accepting failure those times you mess up. If you work to strengthen and nurture these skills, you will be well on your way down the path to success.

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