Recently we had the honor of presenting the 2019 Women Are Roses Award to Priyanka Nair. Priyanka received this award because of her recent writing in the book, Women Are Roses. In addition, Priyanka had been featured on our website on December 29, 2019 based on the writings she had completed with her own blog called Virtual Siyahi.
Please take a moment to read the latest achievements from our award recipient Priyanka.
Author Bio:

A post-grad in Administration, Computer geek, Tech-savvy, love to explore creative treasure. A Writer by passion! A speaker with compassion! I started with a blurred vision and as I proceed the vision gets clearer. My passion became my purpose and I am not going to stop till the day I no longer have to introduce myself to the people I meet, I want to be known for my work. In this journey of two years of blogging, this is all I have achieved, and even these little progress means a lot to me.

I was interviewed on a Podcast by Kenny Aronson, founder of The Davinci Mindest

Featured at Women With Gifts International, a non-profit organization based in Colorado

Featured at SHEROES INDIA, largest and first Women only community in India

An author at Women’s Web/ Momspresso

Weekly Columnist at Different truths 

Youtuber Spreading Mental health Awareness           

Catch up with my Podcast:

Latest Achievements:

  1. eBook on Mental Health — “26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You”
  2. A Co-Author in a Book published by Women with gifts International, Colorado. Available on Amazon, “Women are Roses”
Recently I was nominated amongst the Top 100 Best Indian Authors by Author Pages Magazine, India, for my very first book  “26 Days 26 Ways for a Happier You” .
Specifically for the topic, I chose to write in order to spread some Mental Health Awareness.  I was very much elated and overwhelmed to receive the email saying that I am among the winners of the Best Debut Indian Author by Author Pages Magazine.


Take a look at what Priyanka recently on her Instagram page:

I was fortunate enough to share this writing space with ten wonderful women worldwide. Thank you so much @womenwithgifts
Each story is unique and very inspiring and as you unfold every chapter and get to know the journey of the person behind the chapter you realize there is a lot going in the world, people suffer, they go through enormous pain but what makes them stand out is their courage to fight for themselves, their choice of believing in themselves.
The authors of the book Women Are Roses have taken dirt that the world has given to them and planted seeds, which have turned them into a beautiful flower.
Regardless of anything and everything, we bloom, we flourish and we inspire others around us to do the same.
Book is available on and
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