If I could be honest, my kids face never lit up by the jobs I’ve ever held and it sure as hell didn’t get me invited to their glorified career days at their school. As with any other woman, or I guess I could say, like any other mom, I really didn’t take my career serious at all while my kids were young. There were times where I put my job first and I missed my kid’s parent-teacher meetings, games, and track competitions but it came a time as a mother that I wanted to see my kids grow. It was during that time of their lives that I decided that I didn’t want to miss anything that they were doing in school or otherwise. Even when I received my degrees, I didn’t take the workplace serious because I didn’t want to miss my kid’s school and extracurricular functions.

While being a stay at home mom, I spent time being the football mom so I had my son and about 4 or 5 of my son’s friends with me at all times. When I wasn’t at my son’s sports activities, I was at my daughter’s school or hosting her book club meetings with about 7-8 of her friends.  I was super active in my kid’s lives and I didn’t want a job or a “career” to take away that bonding time from my kids.

While my kids were young I spent my time in school so by the time my kids were 8 and 5 years old, I had already finished my second degree. As a mom, graduating from college and allowing my kids to see me graduate TWICE was one of my biggest accomplishments. That feeling was better than being on any job-hands-down.

After my son went to the Army and my daughter went to high school, I knew I needed to start focusing on me and my piece of career. I thought with my kids not needing me anymore finding something that I really wanted to do would be a breeze. Integrating within the workplace was harder than I thought not because I didn’t like working because I did. It was hard because I had worked for myself for five years as a business owner and I really didn’t know how to take orders from anyone else.  Working for myself was easier than working in the workplace because it was flexible. I didn’t have to answer to anyone about where I was going, I just went. However, with having a regular 9-5, I didn’t remember how to clock in and out and be micromanaged. This was super different for me.

One thing that I’ve learned about working in the workplace is it’s not about the micromanagement, it’s not about the strict rules and the ongoing policy changes, it’s all about YOU. Believe it or not, YOU are the game changer! Even if you are at a crap hole of a  job, you can use that job to create a better you. Most jobs offer college tuition reimbursement and employees complain about their positions and not moving up but never take advantage of all the freebies. Regardless of where you work or what you do for a living ask yourself, what are you doing to make yourself valuable to not just the job but for yourself? Most jobs offer 401k and other saving-type options, and most workers will work for a company for years and not invest any of their income in employer-offered savings plans.  To be honest, saving plans with a company is a real come up especially when the company matches the percentage you put into the plan. Keep in mind that most companies have more money than you so why not use it to your advantage.

When I lost what I considered my “dream job” I rushed to a therapist because I thought I would literally die without the income I thought I wanted. It was my therapist that said, “LaNette, money doesn’t come from jobs it comes from you.” At the time, I thought her ass was crazy! I remember even thinking to myself, “why the hell am I paying her for this nonsense?” Keywords, I WAS PAYING HER! It took me some time to realize it, but she was absolutely right… REAL money doesn’t come from jobs. My therapist knew this because here I was sitting in her rented office which was her dream job as she was getting paid by the minute listening to me cry. 

The whole purpose of this book is to teach you to prepare yourself for the better and never expect the better from a job or a career. By now you have probably read this over and over again in this book, but it’s not about what a job can do for you but it’s about what you can do for you. LIFE is literally about creating a better you! Regardless of your current situation, whether you are a single mom or dad, recently divorced, recently fired and this list could go on and on, it doesn’t matter. Truth is a job doesn’t make or break you. It’s simply your mentality that makes or breaks you.

The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs-Karl Marx

A lot of people feel that it’s the jobs that they have or the titles that they hold that make them superior, but those are the people that tend to commit submit suicide when they lose their glorified position because they forget the real key to success. The key to success is not a position… The key to success is the person… The PERSON is behind success. Most of us tend to forget how much potential we really hold because we accept positions that suppress our creativity. Once the job sucks the creativity from you then your self-esteem and dignity go out the door next.  Especially when you apply for other positions within the company and you always get a no. Or you hear a “you don’t have enough experience” and you’re like, “what the hell, I’ve worked for your company for more than 3-5 years.”, trust me it’s not you,  it’ just the system-the workplace system. Some systems were created to see you crash and burn especially if you live your life living paycheck to paycheck. The workplace is simply a game of chess. The position you take on the chess board is the same position you will take in the workplace. If you are a pawn then you will always have the mindset of a loser. If you are a king on the chess board then you will always have the winning mentality. As a king, you will always strategize to win in every situation. People don’t realize it but the same companies that we work for we have the ability to create. It’s all about how you think of yourself as a person.

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